Gotham City Impostors Goes Free to Play

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that their wacky over-the-top FPS, Gotham City Impostors, is now Free To Play on PC via Steam. The F2P version of the game will have everything from the original game and all DLC packs which can be downloaded now.

Gotham City Impostors, which is also available (for a price) on XBL and PSN, features online multiplayer FPS action where gamers can join the ranks of wannabe heroes or “Jokers” inspired by DC Comic’s Batman and the Joker.


2 Responses to “Gotham City Impostors Goes Free to Play”

  1. Would be nice if the XBLA and PSN versions followed suit, its actually quite a fun game.

    • For sure, it would be nice. I know it was a free game on PS+ for a while, but not everyone has PS+.

      It is pretty fun. Maybe sometime in the future they’ll make all versions F2P.

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