Comic Review: Spider-Men #4

  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Artist: Sara Pichelli
  • Publisher: MARVEL
  • Orig. Published: August 08, 2012
  • Price: $3.99

Spider-Men, sadly, is almost over. We have followed Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man, on his fantastic journey to another world (the Ultimate universe) where he no longer exists and a new Spider-Man, Miles Morales has taken up the mantle. Together, the two Spider-Men have encountered confusion and also conquered foes. However, Peter Parker has come upon what could possibly be the hardest part of his journey. This is where we pick up in Spider-Men #4.

If you haven’t read any of the Spider-Men books yet, be warned, spoilers are just about unavoidable at this stage. Bendis ended Spider-Men #3 with a tug at the heart-strings when Peter Parker comes face to face with the Ultimate versions of his Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. As we know, this couldn’t be an easy thing for either side. Peter Parker is supposed to be dead in their world and for Peter, Gwen Stacy (his first love) is dead in his. Initially the reaction is shock and then disgust, especially on the part of Gwen Stacy as they feel this is a cruel joke, someone disrespecting the memory of Peter. Fortunately, Miles shows up and clears the confusion letting them know, this is really Peter.

This issue is probably the one that most fans were waiting on as we finally get to see how each side would react in such a strange and emotional situation. Eventually the air is cleared and everyone sits down inside to have a discussion of who, what, where, when, and especially, how? So many questions but unfortunately as with this whole series, so little time. What I felt could have taken up 10 issues is sadly cut short to just a few pages. Almost as soon as Parker is there and has a bit of a heart to heart with family and friends it is time for him to leave.

This issue had a good amount of drama and dialogue between the characters and Pichelli especially did a wonderful job of showing all of the different emotions in each panel. They were clean, detailed, and vibrant. However, this issue wasn’t all drama and while there were just about no action scenes, at least some good humor did pop up in the issue. One part that especially stood out was a point when Peter and Miles are back with Nick Fury and Miles asks Peter, “Hey, do they have a Nick Fury where you come from?” After Peter lets them know the main differences between the two, that his Fury is a white man, Ultimate Fury responds, “Sorry to hear that.” Little bits of humor like that were thrown about and the ever so quirky antics of Miles helped lighten the mood as well to a fairly emotional issue.

Spider-Men #4 was overall a great installment of the series that I only wish was longer. I’m sure we all wish that more was discussed between the parties of different worlds, but regrettably, that isn’t the case. Spider-Men #4 ends with Peter linking up with a portion of the Ultimates and Miles to get him back home and to stop the villain who started this all.

[Note: Since this is a mini-series event, there will be no final score for this comic until the last issue. Final score will be based on the whole series]


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