Comic Review: Spider-Men #3

  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Artist: Sara Pichelli
  • Publisher: MARVEL
  • Orig. Published: July 11, 2012
  • Price: $3.99

Third time’s a charm in Bendis’ tale of two Spideys. The third entry to this Spider-Men min-series is the best yet and sets us up for an interesting final act. Recapping the first two entries to the series, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man has accidentally slipped into an alternate reality due to one of his enemies’ devices. Now the Amazing Spider-Man has comes across Miles Morales, a kid who has taken up the mantle of Spider-Man in this world that Peter has slipped in to. While they are trying to sort things out, an enemy returns and this is where we pick things up in Spider-Men #3.

The issue kicks off with the return of the villain from Spider-Men #1 who has brought what seem to be a few “friends.” Parker and Morales must now face off in an massive battle against what seems to be unlikely an army of villains. The two must overcome seemingly impossible odds and defeat their enemy at hand. You won’t be disappointed, this issue has just the right dose of action, laughs, and even the bit of drama that will tug at the strings of your heart. What’s more, there are some special characters and heroes from the Ultimate Universe joining the cast of the series! Sorry! No spoilers!

Pichelli’s art doesn’t fail to impress once again, especially in scenes with many characters in the panel. The clean and vibrant detail of characters and environments, and the expressions of emotion captured by her pencil really help to drive Bendis’ story further with excitement.

The final page of Spider-Men #3 really gets you excited for what’s to come as Bendis dives deeper into the “what if” side of the story where feelings are bound to get messed with in a reality that is not quite the same as yours. Spider-Men #3 I feel has been the best so far out of the five part series, but once again has me asking, how will everything that needs to be covered fit into just two more issues? What topics will be addressed? It has me a little worried but we shall see how the tale continues and ends in just a few short months.

[Note: Since this is a mini-series event, there will be no final score for this comic until the last issue. Final score will be based on the whole series]


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