What We're Doing: Weekend of July 6-8, 2012

Well, the week is over and my internet and cell phone are back on. Yeah, it was a crazy and tough one, but I survived! The weekend is here and it’s time to kick back and do things that geeks like to do. What do geeks like myself enjoy doing on the weekends in Miami? Well, I’m here to tell you!

This will be the first of many “what we’re doing” segments to come. In reality, for now it will probably just be, “What I’m Doing” over the weekend. In these segments, I’ll just jot down a couple of the geeky things I will be doing ahead of the next work week. This is not the full list of my plans for the weekend (I don’t need any more stalkers now), just the geeky stuff relevant to GamerXChange. So here we go!

What I’m Playing:

  • Gravity Rush
  • A couple of rounds with iGoGaming’s Jalen Bell on Uncharted 2. 

What I’m Reading:

  • DC Comic’s New 52: Batman Annual #1 Featuring The Torment of Mr. Freeze
  • Marvel’s Avengers vs X-Men Round 7 (as seen in the featured image above)
What I’m Watching: 
  • Stargate SG-1 (Season 1 Episodes 14 – 16) – A couple of weeks ago, I decided to revisit the entire Stargate franchise, watching all the movies and series episodes from the start. Yeah, I have another 300+ episodes to go, but it’s totally worth it.
  • I’ll also be looking for a new anime to watch. Any Suggestions?!

What I’m Listening To:

Okay, that’s a little bit of a weak start to this segment. I’m sure I’ll do other things over the weekend, but other than what’s listed, not too much planned for my geek side. I have an excuse though; I have a lot of other things to do these next couple of weeks. Don’t worry, my life will appear more interesting in the weeks to come! What kind of geeky stuff are you guys doing this weekend? Sound off in the comments below and keep the discussion rolling even more in our community forums!


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