Comic Review: Spider-Men #2

  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Artist: Sara Pichelli
  • Publisher: MARVEL
  • Orig. Published: June 27, 2012
  • Price: $3.99

Spider-Men #2 continues the first-time crossover between the Marvel and Ultimate universes for Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary. To recap, Spider-Men #1 (you can see our review here) took The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker, on an accidental journey to a different universe after a bit of a scuffle with one of his known enemies. Not understanding what had taken place quite yet, a bit dazed and confused – Parker crosses paths with another arachnid-like fellow, the All-New Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

Spider-Men #1 was essentially an Amazing Spider-Man introduction to the main event which really starts to unfold in Spider-Men #2. The story picks up where Peter and Miles run into each other. The situation plays out in an expected manner as there is confusion on both sides. Parker tries to figure out who this guy is in the other suit and Morales, a teenage Spider-Man fanboy, has a starstruck moment and a bit of surprise. Parker, still not realizing that he’s in an alternate dimension, is wondering who this “copycat” is and Morales is wondering if this could really be Peter Parker (after all, he is supposed to be dead in his world). Both are a bit confused but Parker takes matters a little further by getting physical. Now Morales, while he does have the reflexes and abilities similar to Parker’s, is portrayed also as less experienced. One panel shows Parker shooting out a web at him and then he dodges only to get caught in the moment saying, “Whoa, did you see that? I completely dodged it.” Meanwhile, Peter takes the opportunity to strike and take him down. No doubt, he doesn’t go down so easily so there happens to be a bit of a back and forth combat and banter akin to the Spider-Man name, while each one is also trying to find out who the other is.

The story progresses pretty logically and shows the flaws of both characters, one – an inexperienced child that now has all of these new-found abilities and powers, the other is a bit of a cocky hero that has been in the game a little longer but is still human and thus makes mistakes. While there are initial disagreements and confusion between both parties, soon things become a little more clear and it is time to work together. After all, the work for Spider-Men is never over and where there is a Spider-Man, trouble is sure to be coming his way.

While Spider-Men #1 was a bit lacking on the true crossover nature of the series, Bendis does a good job with expanding on that introduction. He turned that last panel of Spider-Men #1 into a pretty entertaining story. But what’s a good story if it has terrible art? Well, Pichelli continues her clean and vivid artwork for every panel, making a great team with Bendis by adding to the excitement of the meeting between these two heroes. While the end of the issue did end a little abruptly and felt like the first time meeting between these characters could have been a little more in-depth, it was enjoyable. Hopefully the next few issues really dive deeper into what could be a defining time for each character as they learn from each other and the worlds they never knew existed.

[Note: Since this is a mini-series event, there will be no final score for this comic until the last issue. Final score will be based on the whole series]


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