PS3 Firmware Update v4.20 Date and Details Revealed

We brought you the news first about FW update v4.20 almost a month ago. Now the PlayStation Blog has officially revealed what is to be expected in Sony’s latest software update for their PlayStation 3 home console.

First off, the update is expected to go live tomorrow, June 26, 2012. What’s included? Unfortunately, it won’t be a large update with any major changes. Rather it will consist of minor fixes and a few extra options. While this is not the full list of details, here’s what you can expect:

  • Improve sidetone audio performance by giving you the option to select one out of five levels for microphone audio, or turn the feature off completely.
  • Enable virtual surround sound functionality for DVD and Blu-ray through the official PlayStation Headset.
  • Set the amount of time that the system will wait before turning itself off automatically for [Video/TV/Music/Photo] and for [Game/Other Features]
  • Sved data management has been improved. You will now be able to select multiple saved data items and delete or copy them as a group.

We will update this list when the full details are made available. For now, that’s just about it.


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