Microsoft & Sony, Its Time To Announce New Consoles

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

The state of gaming is in flux right now, we are towards the end of what has been the longest console generation cycle ever, we are also seeing some of the worst console and game software sales of the last decade as well. We are seeing the closures of game studios across the world, its gotten so bad for most game developers that new games are needing to sell four to five million copies to just break even or turn a slight profit. One of the main problems is that the hardcore gamer’s are tired of the same old thing, nothing is really exciting us like earlier in the generation, and its about time that Microsoft and Sony stop being coy and announce their next consoles already.

I know everyone has seen plenty of doom and gloom articles revolving around console gaming and even portable handheld’s. Most of these types of articles are written by analysts who aren’t gamer’s and definitely tend not to know what they are talking about, but I’m a true gamer of twenty odd years and I’m legitimately worried about the future of gaming. All the winds are gathering for a perfect storm that could indeed cause a game crisis or even crash. There was a reason why console had a pretty set cycle, people get tired of things pretty quickly, I know the argument that some people still like what they have and aren’t in a hurry for new consoles, but I have to say that the outcome of the console markets future might very well be at stake, so gamer’s are just going to have to step up to the plate and buy these consoles and the software that goes along with it.

I have seen a ton of hate for the Wii U thus far, people actually wishing it would fail. I don’t think gamer’s realize a negative reaction to the first next generation console could lead to a bigger decline in the next generation from all the console makers. I have already gone on record saying that the next generation of game consoles wont see sales as high as the current generation, I wouldn’t expect a console to cross the one hundred million sold mark next generation, I think console makers are going to have to live with forty to fifty million sold. Most core gamer’s don’t realize how much the casual gamer contributed to console sales this generation, the Wii, Move and Kinect drew in a ton of casual and average gamer’s. I don’t think those casuals are going to be influenced next generation to buy new consoles, not when they can play decent casual games on mobile apps and other devices. As much as everyone hates hearing that mobile devices are growing in trend, it’s the truth, and we are seeing lots of developers switch over to that format. Once again, I don’t think this is the end of consoles, I just think it means consoles will actually lose some of the casual gamer’s and bring down the bottom line as far as units sold are concerned in the next generation.

Microsoft and Sony both are playing things extremely conservative right now, neither one wants to talk about their next console at the moment. I can understand the hesitation because nobody wants to suffer the fate of the Nintendo Wii, which saw its sales drop off the map when Nintendo announced their next console almost two years before it was scheduled to release. The problem is that hardcore gamer’s and the gaming community isn’t stupid, we know new consoles are coming. Gamer’s never get enough credit for being intelligent people, we know what it means when developers say a game is going to be more “friendly” to every type of gamer, we know it means they are going to dumb down the game in order to make more money off of it from the casual market. We hardcore gamer’s sat through one of the worst E3’s in recent memories, and the reason we did that was because everyone was afraid to mention their new consoles, instead we got sequels and more shooters and they even managed to dumb down a game like Dead Space.

The current consoles can still be supported, it’d be foolish not to support them with the install base that they have. Its becoming quite clear however that gamer’s want and need new hardware to excite and thrill us. I think E3 is most exciting when new consoles are shown, but Nintendo even found a way to ruin that. It’s almost like these companies want consoles to fail, I honestly don’t understand how Nintendo could flub back to back E3’s. If you were an outsider just looking in at E3, you would think the Wii U was just a controller add-on. Nintendo never showed us the actual console itself. Us rampant gamer’s are feeling more and more stagnated by the state of the games we are playing and by the consoles we are currently restricted to. If new consoles are released at the end of next year, that will be eight years for the Xbox 360 and seven years for the PS3 being on the market, this is too long a time to keep people interested.

Game developers are actually begging for new hardware, I get the feeling that a lot of developers have become just as stagnated as the gamer’s themselves because they are limited to the same hardware that they’ve been working on for the past six or seven years. This isn’t an endorsement for PC gaming either, I’m a hardcore console gamer and PC gaming doesn’t interest me, if your into PC gaming I’m fine with it, but I prefer to game on a console with my controller, while lounging back in a big chair. I realize you can upgrade your PC with hundreds of dollars of parts, but I’d much rather have a unified new console generation. So many IP’s are being held back because the new consoles haven’t been announced, and I can’t be the only one that wants to see these new IP’s and great franchises like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo running on next generation technology.

For people worried that next generation consoles mean the end to the current ones, I think you have to believe that Sony and Microsoft will continue to support and make current consoles for the next couple of years, and with huge install bases, you’ll see plenty of third-party games come to those consoles. There will even be exclusives for these consoles deep into 2013, but it’s definitely time to move on and get gamer’s excited once more, announce these new consoles that we all know are coming, might as well get gamer’s talking and excited for a change.


4 Responses to “Microsoft & Sony, Its Time To Announce New Consoles”

  1. I couldn’t agree with this article more.

  2. “new games are needing to sell four to five million copies to just break even or turn a slight profit”. Which “new games” are we talking about here? Something like GTA IV or FF Versus XIII perhaps, games with huge budgets (GTA) or VERY long development times (FFV13), maybe even each Assassin’s Creed, but does “Call of Duty 20” really need to sell 5 Mil+ to make a profit, or Halo 10 or Gears of War 7? As far as I know, Even Nintendo’s “big hitters” on DS/Wii/3DS only need to sell 1-2 Mil to turn a profit and most sell at least that much. It’s just a little bit of a generalisation is all I’m saying.

    • Well I meant new IP’s, which is what “new games” was really referring to. A good example of that would be L.A. Noire, which failed to turn a profit, even though it sold over 4 million copies, Bulletstorm and Homefront are both games that sold millions, but didn’t make any profit.

    • How they sell millions and didn´t make any profit.

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