GamerXChange Announcement: Expanding Our Content

A Note From The Editor-In-Chief,

If you see some content starting to appear on GamerXChange this upcoming week that seems a bit out of the norm, there is a reason for that. GamerXChange originally started out with content for gamers, thus the “Gamer” in “GamerXChange.” We posted gaming news, reviews, videos. However, we also posted other things that many gamers are interested in such as comics. Soon thereafter though, we decided to revert back exclusively to reporting on gaming.

Over time however, it occurred to me, we started out wanting to write for gamers and now we just write about games. We have deviated a bit away from that initial thought. I think it’s about time to start writing for gamers again and gamers do not only like games. Gamers have been synonymous with geek culture as well. This includes comics, movies, anime, manga, technology, and more. So over the next few weeks, we will be progressively introducing this type of content.

You will start seeing not only gaming content on the site but other geek gems and we hope to see your support as well. If there is anything you think we should cover, let us know! We are always open for suggestions. Would you like to help us in our endeavor to expand our content? Then make sure to contact us!

We hope that this new endeavor will reach new demographics and really add spice to the site. While at first you will not see an abundance of content in these areas, we would like to progressively increase the coverage. So stay with us.

So here’s to the future of GamerXChange – Geeks United.

– Thanks!


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