[Update] Sudden Worldwide PSN Outage and Password Reset Prompts Spark New Concerns Among Gamers

[Update 2:]

Reports are now coming in (around 3:50 PM EST) that the PSN is successfully connecting for users. Let us know if it’s up for you too!


PlayStation has officially sent out acknowledgement about the situation via a Tweet on Twitter with the following,

We are aware that some of you are having issues accessing PSN, and we’re working to restore service to all. Thank you for your patience.

This, however does not let us know why we are experiencing this downtime. At the very least, it’s a start (hopefully) to a resolution of this problem.

In addition to the PS3 and contrary to initial reports, it seems that now some are indeed experiencing loss of some PSN functions on the PlayStation Vita (depending on the app or service you are trying to access).

Original Story:

Have you tried to play your PS3 today? Well, if you logged in earlier in the day, you may have had no problem. However, many people trying to access the PS3 this afternoon have been greeted with an error message,

An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network. (8071053D)

Unfortunately, when searching for the error code on the PS Support site, one is only directed to a page to troubleshoot issues connecting to the PlayStation Network (seen here: http://us.playstation.com/support/answer/index.htm?a_id=4000).

PSN users in several regions including Japan, Europe, and North America have reported this in online communities. At this point, there has been no announcement from any official PlayStation source as to why this may be happening.

What’s more, some have also reported that they have been prompted to reset their passwords due to an expiration. My best advice is – DO NOT PROCEED. Until we know what is going on, the best course of action would be to ignore that prompt and wait for the PSN to go back up, or for an official statement from Sony to be sent out.

Of course after last year’s PSN breach and outage, gamers on the PS3 are rightly concerned as to what is going on. For now, we are left in the dark and unable to access the PSN on the PS3. However, there’s no need to jump to conclusions either as network outages happen from time to time.

One should note however, some people are still able to access the PSN – this has been confirmed for those who have been logged in since earlier today or yesterday. In addition, downloads in progress seem to remain uninterrupted. However, anyone who was not connected and then tried to connect this afternoon, few have been finding success. So here’s a suggestion: If you’re already connected, do not disconnect unless you absolutely have to, as we have no idea when it will be back up.

This may be localized to the PS3’s partition of the PSN for one reason or another as Vita owners are still able to connect to the PSN and all of its features therein (I myself have confirmed both PS3 and Vita cases on my own devices). What’s more, third-party apps on the PS3 that require an internet connection such as Netflix, Amazon, etc. still work. However Sony Online Entertainment services such as Music Unlimited are also non-responsive on the PS3.

When we get any update as to why this is happening, we will let you know. Sound off in the comments below: Is anyone else having problems logging into their PS3 at this time?


7 Responses to “[Update] Sudden Worldwide PSN Outage and Password Reset Prompts Spark New Concerns Among Gamers”

  1. My vita is not connecting at all it coming up with error message so its down for that too :(

    • Hmm.. Are you having problems connecting to the Vita? You are the first case I’m hearing about. I’ll take note of that and see if anyone else is also reporting the same. What service, game, or app on the Vita are you trying to connect to?

    • No problem its the store and friends list that i have tried and both wont connect.

    • I have this problem too. With the error code (NW-2465-7).

  2. also the error code is NW-2465-7

  3. i have been logged in since lastnight so i am still on PSN but i cannot access #MW3 Multiplayer services. :( so it is still indeed having issues!

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