PS3 Firmware Update v4.20 Spotted

Once again, PlayStation has announced a brand new headset. With that, the specs and details of the system have also been revealed on the PlayStation 3 accessories page.

In the small print however, we here at GamerXChange noticed, there is something else mentioned:

BassImpact™ technology, 7.1 virtual surround sound & on-screen headset updates are only available on the PS3™ system and require system software version 4.20 or later.

That’s right, a new PS3 update is approaching and taking the leap up by .1 (or.09 if you have downloaded v4.11). Normally, a .1 update is a fairly major update. The official release of the headset mentions that a new update would be released to fix the “sidetone” functions that were created with the FW v4.10 update. However, with E3 2012 a few days away, expectations of a PSN/PS+ Revamp and changes to the PS3, one can only imagine what other additions this FW update will bring to the PlayStation 3.

At this time, there is no ETA on the FW update or any other specifics. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if E3 2012 gives us a glimpse as to what is to come. Any thoughts on what the FW update will bring? What do you want to see in the next FW update? Sound off in the comments below and discuss in our community forums!


2 Responses to “PS3 Firmware Update v4.20 Spotted”

  1. I am guessing that this will include the talked about BBC sport app for us Brits

  2. I would hope an updated browser and or hbogo..

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