[Rumor] EverQuest Shows Up On PSN Store

The rumors have been around for a while now: The popular MMO franchise EverQuest by Sony Online Entertainment may be coming to PS3. Last year, job listings at Gamasutra confirmed that a new EverQuest was in development and would also be reaching out to other platforms such as the PS3.

This is not an unreasonable rumor seeing as how some of SOE’s most recent and most successful MMOs have been released both on PC and PS3, such as DC Universe Online and Free Realms.

Well, it seems another hint that EverQuest will be coming to the PS3, may have been in front of us for a while, hidden in plain sight. While I was browsing the PlayStation Network store on my PlayStation 3, I stumbled across the SOE store. When I say stumbled, I had no idea this section even existed and it is not present at any store front or main category. The only way I was able to access this was by going to PSP games, Featured, then SOE.

In the SOE section, it had all of the games for both PS3 and PSP published by the company. You could find your Free Realms download, DCUO, Bejeweled, PayDay The Heist, and so on. However, it wasn’t quite the content in the store that caught my eye so much as it was the background of the store. I took a quick cap of it with my Vita (sorry for the quality). Check it out below:



As you can notice in the top left hand corner of the screen, there is an image of EverQuest art. Alright, well, I thought to myself, it’s an SOE store, they’re just throwing up pictures of games they have despite what system they are for. Then, I looked again and noticed that every other image on the background is from a game published on the PSN (minus the now canceled game The Agency seen on the right hand side).

Of course with no official announcement this is still categorized as speculation and rumor. Still, hints have been dropped all over the place that the next installment of the EverQuest series will indeed be seen on consoles, including this comment from SOE President John Smedley in 2011 (as reported by Eurogamer) in response to a question about the possibility,

All I can say is we are a Sony company, and we are very, very proud of the work we’ve done on DC Universe Online, which is multi-platform;

With the cancellation of The Agency, SOE might be looking for some public redemption from sore fans and I myself wouldn’t doubt that we could even hear an announcement this coming E3 2012. This wouldn’t be the first time the franchise saw a console release either as spin-offs were made for the PlayStation 2.

So what do you think? Do you think this image is just there because it’s an SOE game in general? Or do you think that it’s a hidden hint whether intentional or unintentional? Would you like EverQuest on the PS3? If so, what kind of features do you hope they implement? Sound off and discuss in the comments below.



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