God of War: Ascension Game Footage Debuting Live April 30

Just a little over one week ago, PlayStation’s Santa Monica Studios revealed the latest installment in the hit God of War franchise, God of War: Ascension. While we did get a teaser trailer and a brief synopsis of the game indicating that it will be a prequel to the series, little else was revealed.

Tomorrow morning April 30 at 11 AM EST, PlayStation is hosting a live streaming Q & A session along with showing some debut game footage from the upcoming PlayStation 3 title.

You can catch that stream right here too!:

Live stream videos at Ustream

Make sure to come back to check out the stream starting at 11 AM EST on Monday, April 30, 2012!

[via Ustream]


10 Responses to “God of War: Ascension Game Footage Debuting Live April 30”

  1. already? I was thinking they would save the debut for E3.

    I can’t wait for this man!:D

  2. when does it start in eu

  3. Todd who? What happened to Stig Asmussen? I liked his view of GoW a lot!

  4. Unimpressed!

  5. Can’t wait it’s about to go down SONY SHUTTING **** DOWN AS ALWAYS

  6. Multiplayer looks terrible. Who is going to play this over COD? Just stick with single player instead of trying to shoehorn multiplayer into games not meant for it. Mass Effect 3 was ruined, GOW better not be.

  7. Multplayer looks terrible. Nobody is going to play this over COD. Stick with singleplayer

  8. shut up man!
    the game has single player so stick with that ****, I’m gonna play mutliplayer so stop nagging about this into our ears.

  9. THIS IS ******* STUPID!!!

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