Late PlayStation Blogcast Update For PlayStation 3 Exclusive Game Details?

We all know it’s coming. PlayStation’s big PS3 exclusive title reveal tonight. Sony is reeling out the pre-E3 news in what seems to be a weekly fashion and tonight is no exception. About mid-2011, before rumors started to surface, we posted an article with some wishful thinking about a game we then dubbed “PlayStation Fighters:” The ultimate PS brand mash-up a la Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Then late 2011, the rumors started to pour out about a game called, Title FightNow it seems what started out as a dream from many fans, may soon be a reality in an all but officially confirmed game now being named, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. 

While doing some reading today on the PlayStation Blog previewing Bethesda’s upcoming game, Dishonored, I noticed that Senior Social Media Specialist, Sid Shuman indicated (in the last paragraph) that the PlayStation Blogcast will not be published until tomorrow morning (Friday April 27). Why is this odd? Well,  the regular weekly publishing day for PlayStation’s Blogcast is Thursday evenings. “Oh, maybe they’re running late,” I thought to myself. Then I recalled a Tweet that Sid made earlier in the week on Monday (April 23),

“Whew! Early recording session on PlayStation Blogcast over. Breakneck show but tons of content and news to share later this week”

With that said, I did a little Twitter inquiry of my own about the publish date of the podcast and what we might hear as seen below.


Whether Sid’s reply about God of War starring Fat Princess was an obscure hint or a simple reply in jest, is yet to be seen. Regardless, this confirmed that the PlayStation Blogcast will be updated very late today or very early morning tomorrow. The significance to this time frame? GTTV is supposed to reveal PlayStation’s new game from SuperBot Entertainment tonight. Tonight meaning, 1 am EST which is tomorrow morning for some people or late tonight for others.

So it’s not unreasonable to expect a load of details to come out tonight not only from GTTV’s initial reveal but also the PlayStation Blog, the PS Blogcast, and other major media outlets as well (like IGN has also been teasing).

It has been a slow day for news, I know. After all, you are reading this. Fret not though, after tonight things will liven up a bit! We will have all the updates on the new game right here on GamerXChange, so make sure you come back to take it all in!


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