PlayStation Suite Open Beta For Developers Now Available

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the developer open beta for PlayStation Suite (aka PS Suite) is going to be available to the public starting today free of charge. The aim of PS Suite is to deliver a wide range of content across PlayStation based portable devices including tablets, mobile phones, and the PlayStation Vita. This Developer Program for PS Suite will provide developers with an early version of PlayStation Suite SDK  before the official launch later this year.

The open beta version of PS Suite SDK, will allow devs to conduct performance verification of their content on PlayStationVita and other PS Certified devices. The open beta version of PS Suite SDK incorporates a 2D graphics game engine and 2D physical engine, as well as a variety of content samples which utilize these libraries, in order to help developers create content that is optimized for portable devices.

During the open beta, developers will be able to:

  • Create – Develop games and applications that utilize physical buttons and touchscreen by using the integrated development environment (IDE) and simulator for the PC which are both included in the PlayStation Suite SDK.
  • Test and Debug – Test and debug games and applications developed with the PS Suite SDK on the PlayStation Vita system and PlayStation Certified devices.
  • Discuss – The beta also offers access to the Developers Forum where devs can discuss issues and exchange information with other developers throughout the world in addition to interacting with SCE employees, who will participate in discussions and offer development support.

For more information and to download the open beta version of the SDK visit: PlayStation Suite 


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