PlayStation Teases An April 19th Announcement – Cue New God of War Rumors

If you head over to PlayStation’s Facebook page, you will find yourself looking at an app with one image with one simple question and a date on it.

“Will vengeance bring redemption?” – 04.19.12

Obviously PlayStation will be pulling the curtains back on one of their projects on that date, April 19, 2012. What exactly is it for? At this time, it is anyone’s guess. However, rumors have been circulating about God of War IV or a new God of War title for quite some time. In fact, we at GamerXChange were among the first to bring you that news well over a year ago.

What will the announcement be? We can speculate all we want, but the fact is, we will have to wait. It could very well be the next God of War game, possibly for the PS3, possibly for the Vita, maybe for both! Or, it could be something completely different.

So sound off in the comments below and discuss in our community forums! What do you think Sony is teasing and what do you want them to announce?


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