Mass Effect 3 Patch and Free DLC Coming Next Week

Bioware has revealed two bits of good news for fans of the recently released, Mass Effect 3. We’re getting a patch and some free DLC! Woot!

First off, it might be a bit too late for some, but for those of you who have been waiting, a fix for the character import glitch is coming, along with a slew of other fixes to the game. Some of the fixes are as follows:

  • Fixed issues when in some cases Shepard’s customized facial features from ME1/ME2 may not be properly imported to ME3
  • Fixed an issue when selecting Multiplayer in the Main Menu while under a poor network connection could result in an unresponsive state.
  • Fixed an issue when an unresponsive game state could occur during transition after the Conduit level.
  • Fixed an issue when potentially the game could enter unresponsive state when transitioning from the Holding Docks area to the Normandy Docks area of the Citadel. (PS3 Only)

The patch will go live April 9th – PC and April 10th – Xbox and PS3. For a full list of the fixes, visit Bioware’s Official Blog.


Next up? That free DLC! The Mass Effect 3: Resurgence DLC pack is coming on April 10, 2012 for Xbox and PC worldwide , and PS3 in North America. Europe’s PS3 version will get the DLC a day later, April 11. The new DLC includes new multiplayer maps, characters, and weapons. Check out the new trailer below:

[jwplayer file=”” width=”620″ height=”360″ stretching=”full” plugins=”agegate-1″]

The new DLC will include two new maps, six new characters including two new playable races, and three new weapons all for free! For the deets on each character, weapon, and maps hit the link.

So get ready to download that patch and make sure to check out the free DLC when they hit Mass Effect 3 next week!


3 Responses to “Mass Effect 3 Patch and Free DLC Coming Next Week”

  1. The free DLC that is about to be released is focusing mainly on multiplayer. The ME series never was about multiplayer, and throwing the “free DLC candy” won’t help the current Bioware reputation one bit. I do beleive we can expect a lot more DLCs in the future, but even if Bioware / EA release them for free, this won’t change the bitter taste of the ME3 endings dispute.

  2. No, i agree and Mista_Donzi, you clearly arnt a true ME fan (no offence) but that ending was utter BS, especially if you have played with ur shep since ME1, i for one was offended by the ending, but bioware do not make it a habit to stuff up games and i have been playing bioware, since SWKOTOR I. I blame EA

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