Amazon Instant Video Now On PlayStation 3

Over a year ago, we wrote a little piece on GamerXChange entitled, An Amazon App For Gamers, Let’s Make This Happen. I would like to take full credit today for making that happen. Alright, alright, well I doubt we had anything to do with it, but Amazon has taken another step forward in its quest to dominate just about every corner of the internet. If you haven’t noticed on your PS3, there is now an Amazon Instant Video app under the TV/Video Services section of your XMB. That’s right, Amazon Instant Video is now available on a gaming console for the first time, your PS3.

I went ahead and downloaded the free 19 MB app and explored it a bit. Upon launching the app and activation (linking it to a current Amazon account through your PC), you’ll have access to the thousands of streaming and downloadable video content offered by Amazon. You can rent, purchase, or just stream thousands of shows and moves including brand new releases both in the movie and TV category (like shows that just aired the day before), and many in HD. While most come with a price tag, Amazon does have a section where you can see the first episode of many TV shows for free (this week only). Once you’re hooked on the show, then you’ll probably spend that extra cash, right? That’s their plan I suppose – one that has been working well for them.

As an added bonus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll also be able to access the unlimited Prime Instant Videos at no additional charge. The great thing about this is – If you’re not yet an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial right there on your PS3 or just sign sup through your PC. If you want to just go for the service, it’s $79 a year. A pretty good deal for all of the benefits you get with it. Maybe you tried out Amazon Prime’s trial before? No sweat, I did too (back when it first launched I believe it was the end of 2010) and somehow, I was allowed to get another 30-day trial. So go ahead and check out the new service if you would like. It’s available from your XMB right now.


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