Sony Will Surpass Nintendo For Number One Handheld Gaming Device According To New Research

So I know what you’re thinking: “Fuel to the console war fire”? I assure you, that’s not the purpose of this article. As a person who owns (and loves) various gaming handhelds, including a DS, 3DS, PSP, Vita, iPod touch, and Android phone, I think everyone should be able to enjoy the good that each system and device has to offer in gaming. However, we all know that not everyone can be top dog when it comes down to business and sales. It is very clear that at the moment, Nintendo has been leading the sales with their dedicated handheld gaming devices. At the same time, Apple has been top dog with mobile gaming app sales. With these facts in view and Sony’s latest handheld gaming device release, a market research group, Research and Markets, has announced the addition of the “Sony PlayStation Vita: Mobile Console vs. Cellphone-based Gaming Market 2012-2017” report to their offering. The group’s research came up with some interesting findings.

With the release of the Vita in several regions, Research and Markets went on to claim:

We see this development as an evolution of gaming as the portable handheld gaming market, including consoles, have gone through a massive revitalization in last 10 years. The notable shift has taken place on gaming preference shifting from hard-core gamer to casual gamer. However, Mind Commerce observes that there remains a market opportunity among niche target group for portable handheld gaming devices (such as PS Vita) with multifunctional capabilities such as digital download facility PS store.

The Research Includes:

  • Vita platform development market opportunity analysis
  • Analysis of console vs. mobile/cellular gaming marketplace
  • Vita & console gaming market projections through 2012-2017
  • Evaluation of PS Vita positioning as dedicated premium gaming device
  • Vita competitive positioning vs. smartphones, market prospects, and more

Key Findings of Research:

  • The US will hold 60% of device market share by 2017
  • Device unit sales is expected to growth by 1358% through 2017
  • The average game unit sale is expected to reach 52.5 billion by 2017
  • Average gamers’ game units consumption is expected to reach 3 from 1.5
  • Sony will hold the market lead by 40% market share defeating Nintendo behind

How accurate are these findings? Well, it’s truly too early to say. However, despite what some may say are less than stellar sales, there still seems to be confidence from developers, industry leaders, and research firms behind the device. It should be interesting where this and other similar research finds in the coming years. I look forward to all that each system has to offer in the future.

For more on this and other market research from Research and Markets: Click


9 Responses to “Sony Will Surpass Nintendo For Number One Handheld Gaming Device According To New Research”

  1. as a sony fanboy, i hope this is true. sony always puts out the best tech when it comes to gaming (minus not fixing the main problem with the PSP that the VITA fixed), they really do deserve to be on top once again like they were in the late 90″s early 2000’s

  2. to me this seems fishy. it is only because I never understand how they get this kind of information.(I would like to see the static numbers to see it my self. also what happens to Nintendo? also what happened to the whole smartphone markets killing out dedicated gaming  handhelds?)  I guess in the end for me I would love to see the full data not just one side of it.

  3. So this is basically just a bunch of people sitting down, pulling words out of their asses, trying to predict something 5 years from now? Who the hell would take this seriously? The Vita is bombing hard in Japan, and is already being outsold by the 3DS in every other region…

  4. 52.5 billion! :-D
    Apart from the dumb mistake, this is all clearly total speculation. The ‘key findings’ make absolutely no sense.
    I love my Vita, but dang, this kind of nonsense doesn’t exactly help it in terms of PR…


    Not even close………………

    The vita will have to get higher than the 3ds in ANY region first

  6. How about before we try to proclaim what will happen 5 years from now. We look at the present, and current situation. The Vita is doing badly in Japan a market known for their love of portable devices. The launch of the Vita in the US was no where near a success.  Besides having a year lead the 3DS has already a 15 million system lead. Then you throw in the system selling franchises that will appear on that platform, and the cheaper price. Please old great researchers explain to us how Sony is going to go from worst to first. In 5 years time the 3DS would have been on the market for 6 years. Meaning Nintendo would already be preparing to move on to the next portable generation. Oh I didn’t even mention the mobile/tablet market that  is current waging war on the portable gaming device. 3 million Ipads sold in 2 days yet the Vita barely sold 225,000 in 3 days. Remember the Ipad is double the Vita’s price! Then we have the 3DS has already sold it’s first million of the year in Japan. Before the Vita sold it’s first million since release in Japan. Ya I would really not post research from everyone who has enough money to have a site hosted by GoDaddy.


  8. please remember how poorly the 3DS was doing until the price drop……

  9. Just sayin that if Sony is gonna beat nintendo in the current handheld war they sure have to sell more than 10.000 units a week LOL.

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