Blame EA, Not Bioware For This Mass Effect Mess

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There are a ton of negative Bioware articles lately, I thought I’d try something a little bit different with this one, like blaming the company that was actually responsible for the rushed ending and the general decline in Bioware’s creativity and quality. It’s too easy to use Bioware as a scapegoat in this whole mess. In reality Bioware has been but a shell of their former selves since EA bought them out. Each new game Bioware releases its becoming more and more obvious that EA is now in firm control of the company. It all comes down to the bottom dollar, there are no allies and there just doesn’t seem to be the same care and effort put into Bioware’s games like in the past.

Some months before Mass Effect 3 released I wrote an article asking if EA ruined Bioware, the truth is that it’s looking more and more that way lately. I’ve not really heard anyone blame EA for this mess. The same thing happened with Dragon Age 2, which was rushed by EA according to Bioware themselves. I know what some people are thinking right now, “EA didn’t make the game”. Which is true enough, but they sure did rush the development and probably have had a ton of input as far as making the game have less traditional RPG elements and have more of a focus on action in order to sell more games.


Bioware was easily my favorite developer last generation, they made Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and Jade Empire, which were two of my absolute favorite games. They started this generation off with a bang when they released the space opera that was the original Mass Effect game. Since EA acquired Bioware it seems that they are spread too thin and have abandoned the original fanbase of their games in favor of a quick buck. I’m not saying I was totally outraged by the ending in Mass Effect 3, I think it was an ending that was rushed and left some people scratching their heads, but I didn’t want a refund and I thought I gave the game a fair review score of 8.5, which was the lowest score I’ve given a Mass Effect game, but it’s still a solid score and the game for the most part was fun and entertaining, despite its flaws.

Why is it that EA still seems to avoid being public enemy number one for gamer’s? I know Activision usually gets the most hate because they release Call Of Duty annually, but EA releases far more games annually and they actually shut down servers for their games pretty quickly in order to force people to buy the latest versions of the game. They also use an online pass for all of their games and most of the time they have day one DLC, they forced it on Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3. Those are both things Activision has yet to do with Call Of Duty and yet people still don’t seem to harbor any animosity towards EA.

Sometimes its mind-boggling to see a company like EA that cares nothing for its consumers or the companies they control, I understand it’s all a business but at the end of the day you must have some kind of compassion for the people your selling your products to. The Mass Effect series doesn’t have a large enough fan base to survive all the user-created negative reviews on a place like Metacritic. The negative reviews from users on Mass Effect 3 were very similar to those of Dragon Age 2, both of those games seemed rushed and out-of-place with the previous installments. I think if you look back to Bioware’s successes you’ll notice they do better with longer development times. EA tends to force the subject and most of the time that ends badly for everyone. I think Bioware is going to end up suffering long-term for EA’s greedy mistakes and its very unfortunate.

We all have bosses and have people we are forced to listen to, I just get the feeling that Bioware is pretty upset with the outcome of Mass Effect 3 and they just aren’t going to be allowed to put the blame where it belongs. We have been able to hear from ex-Bioware employees who have come out and said as much, they have also said to not blame Bioware because they are only doing what they’re told. It seems like for the last couple of years I’ve wished more and more that Bioware could have remained independent so that we could get the true game sequels they wanted to make and on their own timetable.

Should Bioware make a new ending? I think they should end the trilogy the way they want to, but if they change the ending of the game, they definitely need to release that DLC for free so that everyone can get the chance to see the true ending. If its true that they’ve been working on this new ending for months now, than its added shame on EA for having Bioware rush out an unfinished game. I highly doubt Bioware would have chosen to release an unfinished game and strong-arm people to buy day one DLC to help enhance the game. I know people have come out, including Bioware and have stated that the “From Ashes” DLC isn’t needed to complete the game, but after playing through the game both with and without the DLC, I have to admit its kind of important and actually helps answer a lot of questions. The character and story should have been in the game from the start.

I’m content with whatever the outcome ends up being, I don’t think people should get their money back for the game because they weren’t happy with the ending. I feel like that course of action could open floodgates to a lot of problems and these problems could cause a huge ripple effect in the industry and smaller companies might not be able to survive such effects. There are tons of games and movies that I’ve seen that had terrible endings, but I’d never ask for a refund or complain to the level that some of these so-called “fans” are resorting to. Bioware is a good company that unfortunately is being run into the ground by a larger corporation that only cares about its bottom line. EA only cares about making money and monopolizing everything they can in the process. Just ask Take Two and the NFL 2K series, they cant make a NFL licensed game because EA felt so threatened by NFL 2K5 that they bought the NFL license agreement and thus a monopoly was born.

It’s hard to say what course of action to take against EA, obviously boycotting probably wouldn’t work, I’ve boycotted Madden games for six years before I finally gave in and bought the new one this past year. I would ask that people not be so harsh against Bioware though, they are only puppets of EA and are forced to obey and do what they are told. Please think about that the next time you want to complain about the ending in Mass Effect 3.


2 Responses to “Blame EA, Not Bioware For This Mass Effect Mess”

  1. Thank you Sir

  2. lol this is an old article but i have to bring up the fact that EA won the golden poo award for worst company in america, even beating out bank of america

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