Is It Time For Call Of Duty To Go Back To WWII ?

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I’ve been a Call Of Duty fan for years now, I have really enjoyed most of the aspects of the game. There are plenty of things we could debate about balancing, glitching and cheating but I’d rather focus on the setting itself. When Call Of Duty 2 launched with the release of the Xbox 360, it was the first game I picked up. It gave me a true next generation experience and the online is still looked at as one of the best offerings from Activision to date. By the time Call Of Duty 3 came out, people were starting to suffer from fatigue a bit, mostly due to the over-saturation of first person shooters set in World War 2.

When Call Of Duty Modern Warfare launched, it was very well received. I think it was and is looked at as something new and inventive because there weren’t a whole lot of modern military shooters out at the time. All of the shooters were pretty much taking place in and around World War 2, so Modern Warfare had a unique edge and people were definitely wanting something new. If we flash forward a bit we see that World At War was quite possibly the best World War 2 era game. Not only did it tackle the war in Europe, it also had a pretty realistic take on the war in the Pacific. World At War was quite successful and was the most successful Treyarch branded Call Of Duty at the time. The Modern Warfare label was no doubt the bigger franchise of the two however, after the launching of Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch went with a more modern theme as well, while it wasn’t as modern as the Infinity Ward branded Call Of Duty games, it was using a lot of the same guns and some of the newer technology.

I actually think the disarray at Infinity Ward may have caused Treyarch to go in a more modern direction, the sad fact of the matter is that with the success of the Modern Warfare brand, everyone soon followed suit. Now, we have no World War 2 era shooting games and we have to suffer with Call Of Duty clone after Call Of Duty clone. I think it might behoove Activision to take at least one of their franchises back to World War 2. We are starting to see and suffer from the same fatigue that we did years ago. It’s about time to change things up a bit, I wish we could have the possibility to see a World War 2 era Call Of Duty game coming out later this year, but we’ve all but been assured Black Ops 2 will be the Treyarch offering this November.

If the industry truly is in a follow the leader mode, then even switching to a WWII setting would only keep things fresh a bit, because all the clones would come busting in once again. Who knows though, maybe if we had one Modern Warfare Call Of Duty and one World War 2 era Call Of Duty it would throw the industry a curve ball. I’ve been saying for years that they should drop the “Call Of Duty” moniker from the Modern Warfare games, they were actually going to do that with Modern Warfare 2, but Activision nixed the idea because people need to see that Call Of Duty logo on the box apparently.

I think one of the main reasons I’d like Call Of Duty to head back to WWII is that I find myself going back and playing through World At War and I realize how much fun it is and how much fun it has always been. Maybe its just the simpler setup back then, killstreaks were set in at 3, 5 and 7. If you picked Stopping Power you could be seen on radar and vice versa. The guns seemed more balanced and even the snipers were balanced, mainly because there weren’t any automatic sniper rifles. So it actually took skill to snipe in that game, it just seemed so much more realistic to me.

Its gotten to the point where I’m becoming less and less interested in modern-day military shooters, and there has to be a breaking point for everyone. I can’t seem to find the challenge or the want to play these types of games in these types of settings. I know what your thinking, it’s because we get a new Call Of Duty every year and so I’m suffering from COD fatigue. This is not the case, I cant seem to find myself caring about any modern military shooters at the moment, from Medal Of Honor to Battlefield 3. I just don’t care about those types of games at the moment. All hope is not lost however, I felt exactly the same way before, then 2007 came along and we were all blown away by a genre changing game called Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Its more than obvious that Activision would have to be the ones to make this call, there is actually a chance that if enough people ask for a WWII era Call Of Duty that we’d actually get one again. I’d like to think we could possibly see another series take us back there, but it’s be a bit too risky and most companies wouldn’t be willing to take that risk, as I said earlier, this is a follow the leader industry and the leader is clearly Activision and Call Of Duty.

Maybe I’m alone in wanting a new World War 2 Call Of Duty game? I hope I’m not the only one who’s gotten sick of the current batch of modern military shooters. Let us know what you think on the subject in the comment section below. Would you be interested in a World War 2 era Call Of Duty again?


2 Responses to “Is It Time For Call Of Duty To Go Back To WWII ?”

  1. i am bored i always have been. not only is call of duty very fake now these days. i mean we have only been in battle since 2001. that’s not very long! and infact that’s not very big. this isn’t world wide either. we were in a war. but if was more like a bunch of bums with guns hiding in a ruin city all because some rich bastard wanted a plane flown into 3 buildings and killed 2 or 4 thousand? ww2 lost over 60 million! through concentration camps to the atomic bombs. we have yet to see liberation of concentration camps. how bout we have a multiplier game called liberate
    Auschwitz. we got a team defending and a team attacking. we have 10 mins to break in. or how about a game much like enemy at the gates. where 2 guys are stranded in a map with limited ammo and are out numbered. their goal is to blow up a base somewhere in the map. they have 10 mins to do it. the team as 5 mins to locate them. we have beach attacks why not have a multi player game where we have again a team attacking a team defending. so much can be done. so much happened. it’s mind bothering call of duty will keep making games about shit that is so fake and practically made up! this isn’t halo!

  2. I for one, would prefer a WWII based gane. The tactics of the warfare take a bit more thought than the Modern Warefare based games.
    If for no other reason but to make the game with some real historical story lines in it, A player can learn from gameplay in this scenerio… not just blow stuff up. Anytime you can get gameplay enjoyment and education together, it’s a benefit.

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