5 IPs That Definitely Need To Show Up On The Next Xbox

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

As this console generation is ticking ever closer to its end, we get the chance to speculate about what lay ahead in the world of video games. It’s become quite obvious that the next iteration of consoles is closer than ever and it’s always fun to try to guess whats around the corner. When the original Xbox launched all those years ago, it was a technical powerhouse and it helped introduce us to a unified online service that has gone on to become the standard. While the Xbox was great from a technical standpoint, it did little to sway people away from the PlayStation brand. So it’s a bit surprising that the current Xbox 360 is seeing it’s best sales ever almost seven years after it’s launch. With that in mind, it’s critical that Microsoft goes on the attack next generation and continues to do what they do best, offer choices and some great games. We know we will be seeing Halo, Gears Of War, Fable and Forza Motorsport next generation. Now where the fun comes in, is guessing what else we could end up seeing in addition to those franchises.

1.Killer Instinct
Fans have been wishing for a new Killer Instinct game for years, the problem is that Rare and Microsoft haven’t seen the demand for fighting games. Things might have changed enough with the release and success of games like Mortal Kombat and Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I could actually see Microsoft holding off on releasing a first party fighting game this generation, mostly because the Xbox 360’s D-pad is ill-equipped for such a game. Next generation could be a whole different story, the next Xbox could feature a D-pad like the ones that are available on the new Xbox 360 controllers. Those would be perfect for this type of game. The fans want it, demand is high and the time to strike is drawing close.

2.Project Gotham Racing
Project Gotham Racing is an IP that has always helped launch an Xbox console. It only makes sense that we’d see Project Gotham Racing 5 on the next Xbox, not only on the next Xbox but as a launch title. The Project Gotham series has always been stellar, but when you already have Forza it’s difficult to try to compete against yourself. The rumor mill has been working overtime with the possibility of Microsoft working on the next Project Gotham Racing game. The first rumor that I heard was way back in 2010, which would give Microsoft plenty of time to give us a great looking racing game to kick off the next generation. Since Forza 4 just released less than five months ago, there is plenty of buffer for a new Project Gotham Racing game.

Blinx is a bit of a wish list IP for me, I loved the original Blinx The Time Sweeper and its sequel Blinx 2: Masters Of Time And Space. I think the one genre the current Xbox is lacking as far as first party games are concerned, would be platform games. It would make much more sense to see a Banjo Kazooie game that could possibly fill that void, but Blinx has it’s fans and the games were unique and a lot of fun. Even though Artoon, the company that developed the game, is no longer around, Microsoft owns the IP and I could easily see an internal studio make a sequel. Twisted Pixel could possibly be a candidate to re-imagine the Blinx IP.

4.Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero was a launch title on the Xbox 360, it was a pretty good launch title and showed off some impressive visuals on Microsoft’s new console. We’ve heard that Rare was actually working on a gritty reboot but had to put it on hold, so that they could work on Kinect games for the launch of the highly sought after add on. The Xbox consoles have always been known and loved for their use with shooters of all kinds, it helps when you have a quality game like Halo to perpetuate this belief. I always thought it odd that Microsoft didn’t try to compete in the FPS genre with a first party game later in the Xbox 360’s life cycle. Halo has the futuristic space marine FPS genre on lockdown, but Microsoft could easily take a chunk of the modern military FPS pie, all they would have to do is release a relevant Perfect Dark game. I for one, would love to revisit this franchise and I could think of no better time to do so then the next Xbox.

5.Lost Odyssey
Lost Odyssey might be one of the most underrated games on the Xbox 360, it is one of the few games that actually sold well in Japan and I think a sequel, possibly even at the launch of the next Xbox, could help push their next console in Japan a bit. I know Microsoft wont give up in trying to make some headway over there. Not only would gamer’s over in Japan relish a new Lost Odyssey, but us in the United States as well. The game actually did quite well and we don’t really see the JRPG genre going over so well now days. I think it’s actually becoming harder and harder to find a JRPG that is worth playing, this franchise is one that Microsoft shouldn’t give up on, because I know it has a ton of fans and a lot of potential.

In the end it’s all a guessing game really, most of these are games I’d personally love to see on the next Xbox console. Some are less likely than others. I’m sure we have a pretty good chance at actually seeing Project Gotham Racing 5, Perfect Dark and Lost Odyssey on the next Xbox, not so much for the other two. There are actually a ton of other Microsoft owned IP’s that would make sense to bring back, Conker, Banjo, Crimson Alliance, Viva Pinata, Kameo and Infinite Undiscovery would all make great additions to the next Xbox. Don’t get me wrong, I cant wait to see a few new IP’s as well, but I don’t expect a ton of them due to the cost and uncertainty of the economy. What IP’s would you like to see Microsoft bring back for the next Xbox console? Sound off in the comment section below.


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