[Rumor] 3D Netflix Streaming Coming to PS3?

Sony is no stranger to pushing 3D media through different avenues – Their 3D TVs, movies, video games, you name it. 3D programming and media has been made available on the PlayStation 3 through the PSN store, apps like VUDU, and games. Well, the next source of your 3D entertainment may be coming from one of the largest sources of online entertainment in North America – Netflix.

As I was booting up Netflix tonight on my PS3 for some late night mind numbing entertainment, I ran into some sort of glitch, or leak, or something. I honestly have no idea what it was – except, it wasn’t supposed to be there. There was a loading bar at the top of the screen, one at the bottom, and in between the Netflix logo, an empty box (usually where a movie is featured – I guess), and underneath the box the icons “HD, 5.1, and 3D” implying some sort of audio and video options available. The screen was there on a continuous loop until I exited, rebooted, and Netflix loaded normally after that. You can check the glitch out from these pretty horrible pics I took real fast from my phone. I apologize, lights were off and this phone has possibly one of the worst cameras I have ever used on it.


There have been rumors surfacing over the past year that Netflix would be introducing 3D programming for Netflix streaming. Could that time be sooner now? 3D still isn’t quite as popular as Sony and other companies may want it to be, however there are those out there who have adopted the growing trend and would welcome this new service if it turns out to be true. We have reached out to Netflix for any further information on this. We will update this when we get more news.

Update: Several sites have picked up this story and a few other folks on the web have commented on it referring to it as a hoax. These images are not a hoax. We would like to make this clear now, GamerXChange takes a firm stance against these type of hoaxes and fake stories and would not post them. Whether or not Netflix will be bringing 3D streaming to their service is a different story. We do not know – thus the reason we classify this as a rumor. However, that screen did appear through the Netflix app on the PlayStation 3 upon a failed boot (as I documented my perplexed reaction on my Twitter). Still of course this will not convince  some that hey, glitches happen! Regardless, we are still waiting on a response from Netflix. Stay tuned for updates!


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  1. Nice catch!

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