Things You Might Not Know About Your Vita

Congratulations, you purchased a brand new PlayStation Vita! While you may have the basic functions down and probably had a little fun with the ‘Welcome Park’ tutorial, there might be a few things that you didn’t know your PlayStation Vita could do! Well, I’m here to help you get all you can get out from the system with a few minor things that you probably didn’t know about your PlayStation Vita.


Now, you’re probably busy with some of the launch titles that you picked up with your Vita, but it never hurts to have a variety of things to play, right? Well, PlayStation acknowledged the fact that a lot of people may want to play their PSP titles on the Vita and have enabled that function for downloadable PSP titles. The problem? Well, not all of the PSP titles that were available to download are available to download on your Vita. Here’s the fix: If you have a PlayStation 3, you can play almost all downloadable PSP games on your Vita. How? (Note: Not all PSP titles work this way, however most do)

  • Download your PSP title to your PS3 from the PlayStation Network Store or Account Management (downloads)
  • DO NOT INSTALL THE PSP TITLE ON YOUR PS3 – Make sure the little bubble hasn’t been popped after you finish downloading the title on your PS3. If so, you will not be able to get it to your Vita.
  • Connect your Vita via USB to your PlayStation 3
  • Launch Content Manager on your PlayStation Vita and select ‘Connect to a PS3 System’
  • Under Copy Content, select PlayStation 3 -> PS Vita System
  • On the next page, select ‘Applications’
  • Under the PS3->PS Vita System page, select ‘Applications (PSP/Other)’
  • From here you can find your downloaded PSP titles and copy them straight to your Vita system.
  • The PSP title should now appear on your Vita’s Home Page, enjoy!

What about all of those Classic PSOne titles? Well, unfortunately you can not download them directly to your Vita, yet. Still, you can play PSOne games on your Vita with the Remote Play functions. Once again, if you have a PlayStation 3 and you have PSOne games downloaded on your system, you can do this with these few steps:

  • If you haven’t already, set up the remote play connection by registering your Vita with your PlayStation 3
    • On the PS3, go to Settings->Remote Play Settings-> Register Device-> PS Vita System
    • On your Vita, tap the Remote Play App -> Start-> Next ->
    • Enter the number displayed on the PS3 system and tap register
    • Pairing should now be complete and you can select OK on the PS3 system
  • Once remote play is set up, you can now connect your Vita via the internet or private network through your Vita’s Remote Play app.
  • Once connected you should see the PS3’s XMB, from there go to your Games -> PSOne Classics -> Select whatever game you want, and enjoy!

Now what about game save data? Many people have played their PSP games already and would like to continue with the save data that they had before. Well, this function is enabled on your Vita, yet, you may have had to put some forethought into this. Hopefully you still have your PSP and memory card, or hopefully you have backed up your PSP save data to your PC, PS3, or other storage unit. If you have done one of the above, you can successfully copy your PSP save data over to your Vita. Here are the steps:

  • Make sure your PSP save data is on your PC or PS3. If you need help with this on your PS3, please follow the steps found at this link.
    • For PC transfers connect your PSP to your PC, copy memory card contents to the Vita’s Content Manager Assistant folder on your PC.
  • The steps to transfer your save data from your PC/PS3 to your Vita are very similar to the steps to transfer PSP games from your PS3 to Vita. Once again, connect your Vita to your PS3 or PC via USB and using the Content Manager App on your Vita:
    • Select either connect to PC or PS3 depending on where your PSP’s save data is found.
    • Under Copy Content, select PC or PS3 -> PS Vita System
    • On the next page, select ‘Applications’
    • Next, select ‘Saved Data (PSP/Other)’
    • If you have transferred the save data to these systems correctly, then you should see it under this list. Select your desired save data to copy, and hit the copy button.
    • Voila! You now have PSP save data on your Vita and you can continue your game from where you left off.

Please note now, not all save data and not all PSP games are compatible with the system, however, most are. Generally you are going to go through a process of trial and error. I do not suggest purchasing PSP from your PS3 to put your Vita. However, if you already have these PSP titles purchased and would like to transfer them to your Vita, by all means, try the steps above. If you’re looking for something new to buy, download, and play, I suggest going straight through the PlayStation store on the Vita to avoid any unpleasant circumstances.

Fun Fact: Did you know your PlayStation Vita can play PS3 games already? Well, at least it can play one via remote play. While testing out all of my 100+ downloaded PSN titles through remote play on my Vita, I was able to launch the PSN game, High Stakes Poker and the SingStar app and play them straight from my Vita. Now, this didn’t exactly surprise me because I was able to do the same thing from my PSP a long time ago. As seen through demos last year (like Killzone 3) and certain techies online we know it’s possible, so here’s hoping that PlayStation will enable full remote play capabilities soon so we can play full PS3 games on the go.

Other Unknown Functions

Did you know:

  • You can mute your Vita system by holding down the Volume + and – buttons at the same time
  • That mystery port beside your game card slot at the top of the system is an accessory port. What accessories? Well that still remains a mystery.
  • You can lock your screen with a pass code (like many smart phones). Set this up through your Settings app and security options.
  • You can take screen captures of just about any and everything on your Vita by pressing the PS Button and Start at the same time. (some game publishers have disabled this function for games but it is widely available)
  • You can still listen to your music when your system has gone into standby mode.
  • If you have a 3G model and have set up 3G service, your Vita now has a phone number (but don’t try calling it!).

Well, that’s all we have for now. We hope you are enjoying your PlayStation Vitas as much as we are here. If you have some other helpful tips or hints about the Vita, make sure to leave a comment below and join our discussion in our PlayStation Vita Community Connection where you can meet and talk to fellow Vita enthusiasts like yourself!


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