GXC Reviewer Sean Comer Joins The Man Cave Podcast – Listen Now!

I recently was invited to sit and talk gaming and MMA with a couple respected internet-journo contemporaries.

Mixed martial arts aficionados and devout gamers Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi talked me onto Jeremy’s newly minted Man Cave Podcast to discuss all that THQ has done right with UFC Undisputed 3, hitting shelves Feb. 14 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Once we got done talking about the wonders possible when a yearly iteration franchise takes a year off and rethinks things, we ended the show with dueling rants about the UFC’s tumultuous welterweight title situation and the bug-f*** insanity that is controversial challenger Nick Diaz.

The show was a blast, and not the last time you’ll hear me on a podcast, either. Not only have  I been invited back for two more consecutive weeks talking gaming, MMA and anything else Samer and Jeremy roll into, but we at GamerXChange are cooking something up that we hope will see the light of day sometime right around E3 2012. It’s been in discussion for a while, but we’re going through Gorilla Glue at a pace that’s making our drug counselors suspicious while we put all the pieces together.

In the meantime, check out Episode Three of the Man Cave Podcast right here. I’ll be on Episode Four on April 15 having a general gaming chat, and showing up again a week or so after that to give my full UFC Undisputed 3 review.

For more from Man Cave Thoughts, head right over here!


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