Check Out This Mass Effect 3 Trailer With Female Shepard

One of the awesome things about the Mass Effect series is character customization. Yeah, the “face” of Mass Effect might be the default “John Shepard,” but don’t forget, not everyone plays as him. In fact, not everyone even plays as a male Shepard. Earlier this year, EA and Bioware had a survey letting the public decide on the “official” face of female Shepard. The winner turned out to be the fiery redhead you see up in the featured image above.

Now, Bioware has finally released an official trailer for Mass Effect 3‘s story featuring the fearless leader and commander of the Normandy, female Shepard. Check it out below:



Make sure to check out Mass Effect 3 when it hits the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on March 6, 2012.


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