PlayStation Vita Launch Guide Part II – Games and Apps

The PlayStation Vita’s launch is just around the corner and eager gamers and techies are awaiting its release. No doubt, a lot of you have been following the Vita since its initial reveal last year as the “NGP.” You may know every single game coming out, release dates, and even the tech specs of the device itself. Then there are those of you who are still not too sure about the Vita and all that it entails. Well, fear not! GamerXChange is here to guide you through the launch of the PlayStation Vita. In this guide series we will list launch window games, the different models of Vitas you can get, accessories, features, prices, and all that good stuff.

This second edition of the PS Vita launch guide will give you all the info you need to know about the games and software that you will be able to access at launch.


What is a gaming system without games? One of the problems that Sony admittedly had with the launch of both the PSP and the PlayStation 3 was a weak launch lineup. Fortunately it looks like the tables are about to turn. The PlayStation Vita has a ton of games in development with 25 being released at launch. There are games for everyone – RPGs, strategy games, action games, puzzlers, casual, racing, sports, platfomers, and more! Big titles like Call of Duty, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, and Bioshock are just a few that you can expect to see on the Vita. Developers have praised the Vita for being a great system to develop for, so expect even more games to be announced in the near future.

All PlayStation Vita games will be available to download from the PlayStation Network in addition to some being available at stores and online retailers to purchase a physical copy of. Note: While all titles will be available to download, not all will be available in stores to purchase. Recent news seems to suggest that the downloadable versions of the games will be sold at a discount of about 10%. However, because the Vita does not have internal storage, you MUST have a large enough memory card in order to download these games. On that same note, to play most Vita games, whether the game is a physical copy or a downloadable title, a memory card is almost always needed. Keep that in mind for our next edition of the Vita Launch Guide as we go through accessories. The Vita will also play PSP games and some PSOne classics from the PSN store (more details on compatibility coming later).

Below you will find a list of games that you will be able to get your hands on the very day the Vita launches (Feb. 22, 2012). We will provide Game Titles, Release Dates (subject to change), Official Game Websites (where applicable), and a link where you can purchase/pre-order the game (GamerXChange uses* links for easy access game purchases in this list. We acknowledge that these products are available at a wide range of retail stores and sites where prices may vary).

(Click Game Titles For More Info On Each Game – Otherwise Click on “buy” link For More Info)

Other Launch Window Titles (games that will be made available within the first few months of launch):

  • Gravity Rush
  • MLB 12 The Show
  • Reality Fighters
  • Unit 13
  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-
  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
  • Silent Hill Book of Memories
  • Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted

More Places to Buy:

This is not the full list of retail stores offering the Vita Games. Check with your local retailers for availability.



Games are not the only highlight of the Vita. A slew of apps will be available to check out. From social apps to music, videos and everything in between, the Vita’s apps will be sure to keep you entertained and connected. You will be able to check out your Facebook, send Tweets, watch movies, listen to music, trade gifts, download games and other apps, plus so much more. The following video shows off some of the uses and functions of a few of the apps. Check it out:


The apps that will be available (most out of box) at launch are as follows:

  • near – A social app that uses your location to pick up or leave gifts, check what people around you are playing, plus other location based capabilities.
  • Party – Text and voice chat with up to 8 PSN users at one time. Includes the ever coveted cross-game chat.
  • Friends – Buddy app that lets you see all of your PSN friends.
  • Chat – Text and send photos with up to 3 friends.
  • Camera – Access the cameras on front and back. Also good for augmented reality.
  • PlayStation Store – Full access to the PlayStation Network store games, demos, apps, etc.
  • Remote Play – Control the PS3 with your Vita
  • Trophies – View and keep track of PS3 and Vita trophies.
  • Video Player – A place to keep and watch videos on your Vita.
  • Welcome Park – A place to learn the basic workings of your Vita
  • Web Browser – Fully equipped with HTML 5 support.
  • Music Player – Play and keep track of your music collection.
  • Facebook – FB For your Vita
  • Twitter – Send out Twitter updates straight from the Vita
  • Foursquare – Use GPS to track and update your friends about your locations
  • Skype – Make calls over 3G or Wi-Fi
  • Flickr – Upload, share, and view photos.
  • Netflix – Stream movies and TV shows through your Vita

For more info and details on each app visit: PlayStation

So there’s pretty much all you need to know for the PlayStation Vita’s games and apps. As we get closer to the release, if there are any updates that need to be made, I’ll be sure to add them here. Questions, comments, or just want to express your excitement over the Vita? Sound off in the comments below!

Make sure to check back with us soon for the PlayStation Vita Launch Guide Part III – Accessories.


*Please see our disclosures



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