GameFly Offers One Month Free Trial To New Members

GameFly, the online video game rental subscription service, announced today, a limited time promotion for first-time customers. New customers can go to and enter the code ‘RENTGAMES‘ to get their first month of service for free. While first month trials may be normal for many other online services, GameFly usually only offered a trial for at the most 10-14 days. So by the time you got the game in the mail, you wouldn’t have that much time to play and return the title before your trial was over. This promotion will give you a bit more time to test out the service.

The promotion starts today and ends on February 3, 2012. A GameFly member can try games before they buy, rent instead of buying, pre-order new titles, or download PC titles.

GameFly also recently launched the public beta for its new one-stop shop PC/Mac Client. This new service provides up-to-the-minute news, games pages with HD videos and screenshots, management of one’s GameQ and purchased/downloaded titles. As an added value to subscribers, GameFly’s new Unlimited PC Play service gives gamers access to hundreds of PC games they can download and play for free on as many of their PCs, for as long as they are active members.


One Response to “GameFly Offers One Month Free Trial To New Members”

  1. A free month is definitely better than their previous trial, which I’ve criticized myself as being virtually worthless. And while this offer is an improvement and Gamefly is a pretty good service, both are lagging behind the Blockbuster Movie Pass and its three free months. In fact, I had Gamefly up until my employer, DISH, began offering the Blockbuster Movie Pass. It has games by mail, much like Gamefly, but it also offers movies, and unlimited streaming. So it’s like having both Netflix and Gamefly, while remaining less expensive than either.

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