New Mass Effect 3 Kinect Trailer Announces Demo Date

BioWare has once more blazed a new trailer: probably ruining many a romantic, hearts-and-flowers-like Valentine’s Day 2012 with what will probably be this winter’s most hotly anticipated demo.

The developer and Electronic Arts bedfellow unleashed a trailer revealing Mass Effect 3‘s dynamic Kinect voice-command functionality. That reveal alone will probably have the Microsoft faithful mopping their keyboards. The ending reveal that the end of Commander Shepard’s collision-course saga against the Reapers gets a downloadable Feb. 14 Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC playable demo, though? That may have 360 fans diving for a drool bucket.


A press release from BioWare notes that players with previously activated Battlefield 3 online passes or who take advantage of other offers via get an early-bird jump on accessing the demo’s cooperative game-play sampling. Without the early-access perks from either Battlefield 3 or the website, the co-op demo isn’t available until Feb. 17.

Assessing any game-play feature’s effectiveness off the back of simply watching footage or one deftly edited trailer can usually become a dicey proposition; being a pretty-looking game is one thing – given current generation hardware’s proven vaulted ceilings, a crappy-looking one is practically unforgivable – but any given title’s proving ground comes when the player takes the reins. That being said, BioWare Edmonton/Montreal VP and Studio GM Aaron Flynn introduces the backstage look before the remaining footage looks right over developers’ and testers’ shoulders as they demonstrate just how reactive, simple and intuitive the Kinect’s voice functionality makes the game’s combat and squad-based commands and maneuvers.

Most impressively, the 360 rendition pulls off the voice functionality with every player seen adopting little more than one’s standard “indoor voice.” Everything, from ordering specific attacks and weapon selections to directing which squad member moves toward which point designated using the traditional controller, flows so simply and efficiently that it’s easy imagining utilizing a Kinect as a legitimate advantage during Mass Effect 3‘s debuting multiplayer combat. The gap between player command and the system’s execution appears negligible to non-existent. Truly, the player as Shepard becomes a battlefield general.

In short, as said at the trailer’s end, this could very well be one game whose effect usage of Kinect capabilities makes owning the peripheral worth the Kinect’s cost in and of the game’s self.

Mass Effect 3 will be available everywhere for the 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 6.


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