10 Must Have Games If You're New To PC Gaming

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

The PC: I’ve been gaming on the PC since I was able to use the Tandy at school to play F29 Retalinator. The idea of using a keyboard and mouse rather than a controller keeps some people from porting over to the PC; however, I have other consoles and find it fun to go back to my PC after playing a week of PS3. If you’re venturing into the PC arena for a new gaming experience and bought or have a good system, here are some must have games to try your system out on.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim has been the one of the great games of 2011 to play. RPG games are awesome on the PC, because you have your entire controller in front of you. You use the usual “WASD” keys  and mouse to orient yourself with the camera movement. One main feature I absolutely love on this game is the auto or quick saving feature without having to access the menu. Set your shortcuts and press “F5” to quick save or have your computer auto-save after each door or every 5 minutes. The game looks pretty and gives you a reason to waste some of your life in the world of Skyrim. A word of caution: This game will take over your life.


The Sims 3

The Sims has been a worthwhile series with expansion packs that make the experience even more fun. If you’re looking for more hours to burn, the Sims 3 will not disappoint you. You can play nice and have your Sim become successful or you can be evil and create the most dreadful Sim ever. On your first time, build the house of your dreams. There are several options for additions and material possessions. Want a new car? Buy one for your Sims. Want to cheat and get rich quick? Yep, that’s available too. Create your mini-doppleganger in the Sims and live life any way you want in there.


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

A witcher is a genetically enhanced human with special powers and is trained to fight monsters. It’s a brutal third-person RPG where you play as one of the few remaining witchers,  Geralt of Rivia. The gameplay is pretty rough and not only keeps you on your toes but makes you question whether you are ready to complete this game or not. If you want a challenge, this game will definitely bring it on.

Civilization V: Game of the Year Edition

Commonly known as Civ5, this turn-based strategy game allows you to lead a nation in its growth, from prehistoric times to the future on a generated map. With the use of military, political and economic tactics, you attempt to have the most improved and evolved civilization throughout the ages. There are plenty of DLCs to download and add several scenarios, including the Inca Empire. Civ5 also features multiplayer, so you can challenge a friend to see who has the better nation.

CounterStrike: Source

Since CounterStrike: Global Offensive is about to come out, its predecessor is definitely still in demand. This FPS remains as popular as its previous release, original CounterStrike, on Steam. Originally built as a mod for HalfLife, CounterStrike offers dedicated servers, admins and mods. I love the dedicated servers where you can meet up with friends. Play nice and don’t get banned. Dare I say it, I can definitely affirm that CS:S has made me love FPS on a PC more than on a console.


Terraria is a side scroller that resembles Minecraft but without the eerie Endermann wandering about. Those things creep me out. You build, live, kill creatures and explore. A guide is available in game and can teach you several ways of building, crafting and items to gather. Once you build a house, he will move into a room and help you out but won’t go half on the rent. It’s a great game to play and have in your collection.

SuperPower 2

With the upcoming elections looming this year, I figured this game would be a great change from the rest. SuperPower 2 is one of the older games on this list, but had to add it since I could not stop myself from playing it. Released in 2004, you select a country to play and as President, you have to attempt to run it without causing an all-out war. Sign treaties, negotiate foods and services prices, and get re-elected as President. This real-time strategy war game will give you reason to pay attention to politics, even if you don’t give a crap about it. Want to upset everyone quickly? Research strategic warfare and set up nuclear missiles.

SimCity 4

Like the Sims series, SimCity is a simulation game where you build infrastructures of cities and towns. There are no specific goals or achievements, unless in a scenario such as a natural disaster. You can build a power grid, transportation system and other enhancements to the city. Once you are able to create buildings in one area, the residents, also known as Sims, continue on with the construction. You can leave the computer alone and let the Sims do the work, but several disasters could happen, such as fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. This is a very realistic view into building cities and proves to be pretty fun to watch. It’s an interesting game that would be great on your PC.

Portal 2

If you’ve played Portal 1 or 2 on either console, you have to try them on PC. It gives you more perspective on the puzzles that kept you playing and possibly some motion sickness. Okay, I lied about the motion sickness. GLaDOS is still an evil, menacing presence that makes you feel like your companion cube will never be returned to you. I miss my companion cube. Portal 2 has awesome co-op where you can get a friend to help you out if you’re achievement hunting for Steam or just for having fun. The overall atmosphere these games project is nothing but awesomeness.



Minecraft is an awesome sandbox game where you find yourself mining and searching for diamonds for hours, and that’s only a small portion of what you can do. I’ve literally worked on a cavern for three hours before venturing out and hunting down pigs and cows. If you want to play with other people, try out the Minecraft multi-player servers. Beware of griefers who love to take unprotected buildings and worlds apart. Griefers are people who like to create chaos by harassing people, intentionally destroying buildings and areas of the world created by the server admin. This game is wonderfully addicting.

One of the many reasons why I love PC gaming is because of the modding communities that are available. Many of these games can be easily modified and have forums that can assist you in getting the type of mod you’re looking for. Mods actually give some edge to the PC, especially if you have HalfLife 2, where games like CounterStrike became what they are due to the mods that were created. There are many games that weren’t covered on here such as Penumbra and Mount & Blade, but this is a great start to an awesome collection. If there are some games that you feel are must have titles, shout it out in the comments below or discuss in our community forums!


2 Responses to “10 Must Have Games If You're New To PC Gaming”

  1. No Bastion??? AOE 2??? Starcraft 2??

  2. Nice list. Too bad my PC isn’t good enough for half of them. Ha! Still waiting on my ultimate gaming PC. It will come! 

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