Congrats, Crysis 2: You're 2011's Most-Pirated

Well, this probably wasn’t how Crytek saw the year ending.

Not only did Crysis 2 make its mark on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with the debuting CryEngine 3 showing off textures, A.I. and movement that rivaled any Unreal iteration’s most brilliant applications, but TorrentFreak has declared it among 2011’s most-pirated games.

Fortunately, this was one category in which the expansive, gorgeous FPS sequel didn’t show some level of dominance across every platform. The March-debuting shooter topped the verboten PC download chart with 3.92 million illegal acquisitions, but didn’t even crack the 360 or Nintendo top-five. The dubious Xbox honor went to September-released Gears Of War 3, pirated 890,000 times. For an impressive(?) second year running, Super Mario Galaxy 2 led the illegal Nintendo Wii pack by being downloaded 1.28 million times.

To little surprise, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 were close, sought-after second and third-place runners-up on the PC charts. Respectively, the two rival FPS mainstays were copped gratis 3.65 million and 3.51 million times each. The two also came in neck-and-neck on the 360 chart, with Modern Warfare claiming the second-place “crown” with 830,000 downloads and Battlefield being downloaded 760,000 times. Mario Sports Mix reached Number Two on the Nintendo list with 1.09 million downloads.

Curiously, the PS3 had so few games pirated that the torrent-trackers didn’t bother ranking the console’s number. The “top”-five PC titles were illegally downloaded a total 17.71 million times. The two ranked consoles respective most-downloaded titles combined were downloaded a combined 8.94 million times.

The incomplete, early game-build finding its way online in February a full month before Crysis 2‘s March 22 release probably bolstered its hefty numbers. The sales SNAFU that Crytek and EA likely feared oddly never materialized – in fact, quite the opposite: though quite buggy and obviously unpolished, the early build got rave reviews and buzz, moving over 3 million units across all platforms by June.


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