5 Games We Love To Rage On

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

We all have our favorite games, the ones that make us feel good inside, the ones that we excel at and the ones we just couldn’t do without. I think we’ve all come across games that we love, but we also love to rage on as well. Everyone that knows me knows that I love a good multiplayer game and experience, the problem is that I’m often the victim of something that shouldn’t have happened or that was impossibly lucky, which in turns brings out the Incredible Hulk in me. Trust me, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the games that I personally love to rage on, sometimes I even give in to my urges to rage quit. That’s not to say that these are bad games, in fact they are all quite good, which makes it all the more frustrating when something happens that causes me to rage.

1.Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Is there any game or game franchise that is more frustrating at times than Call Of Duty? I don’t think there is, but at the same time I simply cannot stop playing these games. Each year I swear up and down that I will only purchase the next one if they have dedicated servers on the console, and each and every year they don’t add that feature and yet I find myself drawn to the midnight launch and I’m sinking days, weeks and sometimes months on the game. There are a few things about Modern Warfare 3 that will send me into a rage, the first thing is getting sniped or quick scoped without the sniper even looking at me, this is annoying because I don’t even think sniper classes should be in Call Of Duty games, these are supposed to be small units and they don’t usually send snipers with such a small unit, given the smaller sized maps, it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

The other thing that totally irks me and will send me off to rage land is bullet lag, it seems like other people can kill me with a single bullet or two, yet no matter what gun I use it takes a clip or more to finish off an enemy. It reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PlayStation 2, there used to be so many unregistered shots that I’d rage on that game all the time. There are also the times that you’re getting shot at, you make it behind cover and then suddenly just fall over and die from damage you took ten seconds ago. This is really unacceptable in my opinion, but it’s nothing compared to my three biggest rage issues, the first is people stealing my Final Stand kills, I do all the work and put the enemy down, only to have someone take the credit, Black Ops patched this issue and whoever put the enemy in Final Stand got the kill, I think Infinity Ward needs to do the same thing with Modern Warfare 3.

The next most blood curdling issue I have is the range of certain weapons like the Striker shotgun, that thing is lethal from three football fields away and even when your behind cover! This was a huge problem in Modern Warfare 2 with the Model 1880’s and I thought Infinity Ward would have learned their lesson, but I guess I was wrong. There is no excuse for dual wielded SMG’s to be unstoppable or deadly from two towns over either, those two things are in definite need of patching.

Lastly is the Javelin rocket, people shoot these straight up in the air and they lock on and can take out a whole party, nothing irks me more than trying to take a base in Domination and then having a random Javelin come down and kill me, I’ll reach for the power button toot sweet when this happens, I don’t understand why a lock on rocket would be able to fire randomly.

2.Battlefield 3
I will be the first to admit that I haven’t spent as much time with Battlefield 3 as some people, but the time I have spent on the game has caused me to seek anger management nonetheless. I’m a huge fan of the prone function in first person shooters, I think it adds to the realism and when you’re getting shot at it’s only natural to hit the floor to avoid dying. This was a big reason why I could never get into the Bad Company games as a whole, well when they announced that prone was back in Battlefield 3 I got a bit excited, until I actually started playing the game and saw all the people who lay prone in bushes and wait for you to walk by so they can shoot you in the back and get an easy kill.The snipers can be a huge issue for this game as well, prone plays a role in that, so you could say it’s the same problem but snipers love to lay prone half a map away, then they scope in for ten minutes at a time and can pick you off and you have absolutely no idea where you’re getting shot from. By the time you might figure out where you’re getting sniped at from, they change spots and your dead three or four more times. I’m not sure what it is about war games and snipers, everyone thinks they are Bumpkin from Saving Private Ryan and it can be frustrating, but not nearly as frustrating as my two biggest pet peeves from Battlefield 3.

Do you know how fun it’s NOT to be spawn camped by tanks and other various vehicles of mass destruction? well I actually know first hand how much this kills the game for me, your side of the map gets overrun and next thing you know your staring down the barrel of a few tanks with no escape route and your only choices are to either stay there and take the pounding, or rage quit and hope to find a better group of players. This is where the flaw lies with Battlefield games and any game that has vehicles, I know some people like them, probably the same ones spawn camping the heck out of me….but I personally think they are overpowered and not really needed, or at least could be toned down.

Lastly is the lack of communication, a lot of times I’ll be playing and someone comes right behind me and kills me, I have teammates that could have warned me but nobody feels like talking. The communication system on Battlefield 3 is horrendous and you have to go through hoops to talk with people who aren’t in your immediate squad. For a game that pushes the fact that it’s more of a “team game” I find it lacks simple things like communication and that is unfortunate, maybe Dice can work on these things in the future.

3.Gears Of War 3
Gears Of War 3 offers non stop action and online fun, but like with any other online game people find ways to tick me off and Gears Of War 3 is no exception. There isn’t as much that bothers me in Gears Of War 3 as some of the other games on this list and the absolute biggest and easiest way for me to rage is to steal my downs. Stealing my downs in Call Of Duty is one thing, they are much easier to come by, in Gears Of War 3 you actually have to work very hard for kills and when you have someone downed only to see a teammate steal your kill it’s very frustrating. What’s worse is that sometimes I’ll down someone all by myself and then when my teammates see that I have someone down, then they start to shot, a lot of the time I’ll have to reload my Lancer and so it’s easy to steal my kills.Stealing my downs isn’t the only thing that bothers me, even though there is dedicated servers in the ranked matches, I believe the quick matches are still peer-to-peer and thus the host advantage is still a problem. You can only tell who has host by the number of downs realistically, sometimes people have 15, 16, 17 downs if they happen to have host. Also the host issue causes you to not be able to use your desired multiplayer character, so you and your whole team are going to be stuck being generic characters, sometimes your all the same character.

The last thing I have an issue with in Gears Of War 3 is the way you can end up in a room full of bots, or worse…you can get bots on your team. I think getting stuck with bots on your team is a sure way to rage, bots are about as clutch as Bill Buckner. If you have bots on your team, you know your going to lose and that you have nobody watching your back.

4.Madden 12
I usually hold off on getting the Madden games for a few years, the last new Madden game I bought was back in 2005 when Ray Lewis was on the cover, mostly because Ray Lewis was on the cover. That being said, I enjoyed the Madden 12 demo and thought it was about time I buy a new Madden game, and it’s enjoyable enough, but there are a few things I rage about. One of the things that bothers me is that when you update the rosters and player ratings, those new ratings aren’t applied to your current season. So when I started playing as the Ravens in my franchise, my starting CB had a low 60’s rating and when it was updated to the high 70’s it meant that I had to start a whole new franchise. I remember back in ESPN NFL 2K5, when you updated the game it would apply the new ratings to the players in your current franchise.The online isn’t without its flaws as well, there is nothing that ticks me off then a non sim opponent. Now some people might not know what I mean when I say “sim”. Well sim means if you see it on the field on Sundays then it’s okay to do in the game, some people like to go for it on 4th and 25 from their own 10 yard line and that’s very annoying. There are also some glitches in the game, like where the QB can just run backwards for a long time and then heave up a pass and it gets caught almost every time. I call these types of players “cheesers” and they know who they are.

Lastly is the players who cheat or giggle their internet wire in order to drop the game and yet still get the win, this is an old tactic that still manages to be a problem. I didn’t just waste an hour of my life kicking someones butt over XBL to get the loss because you can cheat! I know it’s supposed to have gotten better lately, but I still find there to be an incredible amount of people who simply will not take a loss. Get over it and try to get better, but disconnecting isn’t going to change anything.

5.Halo Reach
I really enjoy a good game of Halo Reach every now and then, I think it’s a well done game overall and it offers a ton of replay-ability as well as a lot of different options as far as game modes go. We all know Halo is one of the most played and respected franchises in the first person shooter market today, but there are still a lot of things that will cause me to rage on Halo like no other game. The first thing is armor lock, I do not know why they decided to put this in a Halo game, it’s cheap and I cannot stand people who use it. The main problem is, by the time you wait out the armor lock one of your enemies teammates has come up behind you and assassinated you. My hopes are that by the time Halo 4 comes out this will be a non issue.Aside from my armor lock hatred, I don’t understand why when players leave a match, nobody new can join…this seems horribly outdated to me. A good example of why this is so frustrating is that when your playing with friends or clan mates and you’re doing really good, the other team rage quits, except maybe a single player, so for the rest of the match you and your team have to hunt down this lone player and slaughter him over and over again, it gets boring and you can’t really back out because Halo takes a lot of XP if you do, so basically your stuck in that room for as long as it takes to finish off your enemy. If they fix this in Halo 4 I can die a happy man.

Well there is my little list of games that I personally love to rage on, I’d love to hear some of the different games and reasons that you might rage on, so sound off in the comment section below!


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