Mysterious VGA Hint Points to New SCEA Site and Teaser Video

Well, Spike TV’s Video Game Awards (VGA) are in a week and the suspense is mounting in regards all the announcements we can expect. Several hints have been thrown around on the web pointing to big PS3 reveals. Many speculate that we will see a possible Sony “Smash Bros” game announced. Well, our friendly neighborhood gaming journalist, Geoff Keighley has dropped another hint via his Twitter today that points towards a new site entitled: The Last of Us.  That site has the following teaser:

I did a little digging and the source code shows that this is indeed a Sony exclusive game as you can find at this link here: But this does not look like anything like a fighter game as many speculated, but still this could just be one of many reveals that are to come. At the bottom of the teaser site a date, 12.07.2011 is shown. So we will likely get more official news before the VGAs on The Last of Us. And what else could it be that will be announced next week at the VGAs? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more!

Sound off in the comments below! What do you think this teaser could be for?


3 Responses to “Mysterious VGA Hint Points to New SCEA Site and Teaser Video”

  1. prob gunna be next gen or a last horah for the PS3 like skyward sword is for the wii


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