Netflix For Kids Introduced On Nintendo Wii

Let’s face it, Netflix has a lot of adult content: Violence, blood, gore, profanity, sex, and more. When you load up the home page by default all of the categories will show a lot of content that may not be suitable for the little ones (save the family and kids categories). While kids might be curious about all of the above, parents and guardians may not want their eyes to wander. Well, now Netflix has introduced a new way for kids to browse for their favorite TV shows and movies and skip all of that “other stuff.”

From an e-mail sent by Netflix:

Netflix Just for Kids is here – a fun world of kid-friendly TV shows & movies available now on your Nintendo Wii or at

Just for Kids is just like it sounds… A special section designed so kids can easily find great stuff to watch. They’ll discover a world of TV shows & movies – all suitable for children 12 and under.

Kids can scan through rows of titles, or even search for what to watch by character – from “Dora the Explorer” and “Caillou” to “Danny Phantom” and “Jimmy Neutron”.

Best of all, Just For Kids is already included with your Netflix membership.

Check it out today at or right on your Wii!



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