Square-Enix Reveals Plans For New Hitman Game

With fans of the hit Hitman franchise awaiting the latest installment in the series to come along, Hitman Absolution, Square-Enix has briefly revealed plans for another game in the series.

In a press release today explaining the company’s plans to expand further in Montreal, Square-Enix also revealed that “the first project at Square Enix Montréal will be to work on a new premium quality game in the award-winning HITMAN franchise.”

The press release went on further to explain that this meant that two Square-Enix studios will now be working on HITMAN games in the future: IO Interactive, creator of the HITMAN franchise (currently developing HITMAN ABSOLUTION) and now Square Enix Montréal as well.

There are no other specifics or details about what this next Hitman game will include or involve. Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the news as soon as we get it.

2 Responses to “Square-Enix Reveals Plans For New Hitman Game”

  1. hopefully a multiplayer :D

  2. tell them to stop announcing new games and release the ones that are into year 4+ of development (aka versus 13)

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