Modern Warfare 3 And The Negative Metacritic User Review Effect

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So Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been released and we have the first hints of how successful the launch has been. After all the talk of competition from Battlefield 3 and a ton of other games that were supposed to finally overthrow the current champion of the world, we now know it was all talk and Modern Warfare 3 has continued the trend of each Call Of Duty game breaking the previous games record, both in quantity sold and in money made.  I knew the game would be successful and I knew the Call Of Duty franchise was ruffling feathers, what I wasn’t prepared for was the onslaught of fake user-created Metacritic reviews.  It wasn’t much past the stroke of midnight when a slew of obvious trolls started to write the most pathetic attempt at reviews I’d ever seen. As a gamer and as a reviewer I’ve never been as ashamed to be lumped in with other “gamer’s” as I was after seeing that display of ignorance.

I have been suspecting that this generation has had it’s fair share of fanatics, never before have I seen such ignorance and arguments  over game consoles of choice or game’s of choice, but I honestly didn’t think it would get this bad and I’m actually ashamed to see it. As of the time that I write this, there are over 1600 negative user reviews for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. As a reviewer this helps give less credence to what I do and what a lot of other people do, people already think there are conspiracies when it comes to reviews and reviewers. Seeing such a huge number of low scores is sickening and it’s become quite clear after sifting through a good majority of them, that almost none were actual true reviews, what’s worse is that the reviewers obviously didn’t even bother to try to play Modern Warfare 3, if they had, then they surely wouldn’t have been able to write half the drivel they were writing.

I’ve been giving reviews for almost a decade and I’ve never given a lower score than a 6 out of 10. My personal reviews are rated in such a way that 6 to 7 is average  and 8 to 10 is good. One of the worst games that I’ve played to date is Haze, I gave that game a 6, but even after giving it the lowest score I’ve ever given I could still see how someone might actually enjoy the game on a level. It would have to be an extremely broken game with terrible graphics, broken controls and a terrible story to get anything lower than that from me. So it’s strange to see so many 0’s , 2’s and 3’s when it comes to Modern Warfare 3.  When you consider that Modern Warfare 3 currently holds a very positive 89 on Metacritic when scored by actual reviewers, you tend to understand how out of hand these gamer’s have gotten.

I was a little hesitant to respond to this issue, but I feel like silence doesn’t really help anyone.  I could easily defend Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, I could list all of the differences between this game and previous entries, but I already did that in a recent Modern Warfare 3 review for this site. The game isn’t the same, there are a ton of differences and all of the major reviewers all agreed to that fact, but it’s hard to persuade ignorance.  It’s my opinion that people will believe anything, either because they want it to be true, or because they are afraid it might be true.  Now back before Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 launched we heard that Modern Warfare 3 would win the sales battle, but that Battlefield 3 would be the better reviewed game.  When it was becoming evident that Modern Warfare 3 would be both the sales champ and the better received by critics, we started seeing an influx of even more negative reviews.

I would like to reach out to the misguided gamer’s who made those reviews and say that if you’re not happy with a certain game franchise, then simply don’t purchase it. We are all on the same side, we are all gamer’s and this is wrong plain and simple. There are better ways to go about things, there are plenty of games that I don’t particularly like to play and so I simply don’t go and buy them. I don’t write a ton of negative reviews about them or feel the need to bad mouth the game or the people who will buy the game. We all have opinions, but there is definitely a fine line between having your own opinion and forcing your opinion on those around you.  When I was young my mother would tell me to simply ignore something that bothered me and it would eventually go away, why is this such a hard thing for people to understand?

So in closing I’d like to point out that we all have games and consoles and cars and brands that we prefer, but we are also all human beings and should act as such. If Battlefield 3 is your preferred game, why waste your time writing fake reviews for Modern Warfare 3, when you could easily stay busy playing the game you actually prefer? It seems this generation is ripe with insecure gamer’s and it’s gotten really, really bad. A note to people who might count on legit reviews, don’t lose hope in those, reviews are opinions, but at least trust the opinions of the people who have actually played the games and can honestly speak about them. Finally to everyone else, please don’t support this kind of ignorance, we all tend to get lumped together and one bad apple can indeed spoil the bunch. Take care everyone.


9 Responses to “Modern Warfare 3 And The Negative Metacritic User Review Effect”

  1. The fact that you give what you claim to be the worst game you’ve played in a while, Haze, a 6, is shocking to be honest. 5 should be average, 6 above average, Haze being as bad as you thought, should have been 2-4. It’s this idea that a bad game gets a 6 that has people so frustrated with review scores

  2. maybe IW will realize people don’t want a $60 expansion to COD 4

  3. I resent your implication that it is mostly Battlefield 3 fan bois who are bombing MW3. Having read a great many of the reviews, it seems to me it is veteran COD players who are disappointed more than most. I get the feeling, that since the staff changes at IW, gamers are feeling the lack of passion that was once a hallmark of this series.

  4. I Hope you mean Raze Online and not Raze’s Hell. Because for $20 Bucks on release date Raze’s Hell was a great buy.

  5. What bugs me is that the Critic Scores are mostly 9s or 10s. WTF? Seriously? The game runs on the same engine, the menus were reused from MW2 and same with the Weapons models. They even reused the Model 1887s. I’m honestly wondering what they spent 2 years making. I agree with the User reviews, It’s Modern Warfare 2.5; There are some improvements and new features, but nothing that could justify $70.00

  6. I disagree
    with this article, as I don’t believe the gamers are misguide one bit,
    in fact they are just doing EXACTLY what the “professional” critics are
    doing. First off to be clear I do think it’s 100% wrong to troll and
    write bad reviews just for the sake of writing bad reviews, but I also
    think it’s 100% wrong to write good reviews for the sake of writing good
    reviews and that is definitely what the critics have done on

    A lot of these critics knowing MW3 is a big game, it is their belief
    that users are not generally going to think too harshly on a blockbuster
    game series that they like… even if it’s bad, along with the fear of
    rubbing a major company like Activision the wrong way… so they don’t
    come into their reviews objectively they come in ready to give MW3 not
    just a good review but a great one.

    The perfect example of this is Halo 3, Halo 2 is probably the best FPS
    out there, it is by far the one I enjoyed the most. Then Halo 3 came out
    to rave review even now it has a critic score of 91… but it is a bad
    game in general, one that I wish I did not spend $60 on and to me it’s
    annoying that the critics reviews did not reflect that AT ALL, I will be
    honest I was very upset the reviews were so good after me spending my
    damn money on it… now my only option is to trade it in to recoup some
    of my loss… I should be able to trust professional critics… and
    again I have to believe as an objective and rational person there is no
    possibility that a game I consider bad is conversely considered a 91 by
    the critics writing truthful reviews… okay none of them thought it was
    bad like me but not EVEN a SMALL majority of them consider it average?
    No, to me this screams of… at the time it was Expected to be the best
    thing since slice bread and Microsoft is a heavy hitter so we are rating
    it high not to provoke them or the fan base.

    So back to MW3 the same thing happened here… this is a mediocre game
    at best maybe even bad, I won’t go that far yet as I’ve only played it a
    little on my friend’s XBox, I have MW2 for PS3 and that’s were I would
    truly judge MW3… so again as an objective and rational person a game
    that I think is mediocre… only 2 reviews from little name companies
    think is average… NOT ONE major company even thinks MW3 is an average
    game… again these can not be 100% truthful reviews, these are reviews
    made to appease a Triple A game company and the past fan base… and the
    way the users decide to counteract that is by doing the same but
    opposite thing, giving it wildly bad reviews… is it right? maybe not
    but it’s just as bad as the critics so I understand.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been trying to find 1 negative critic review on this game and haven’t found a single one. They all give the same rehearsed jargon of the game is more refined and better then ever, but they don’t explain why. I have a friend who works in the gaming industry who’s told me stories of reviewers who’ve lost their jobs because they wrote a bad review on a game and the Game Company threatened to pull all their advertising from the publication.

      I also hate how they act as though the sales numbers represent how good the game is. It has nothing to do with it. People preordered and bought the game the first couple of days because they trusted the brand. The backlash of poor user reviews is because that trust was smashed to pieces upon playing the game.

  7. so… what… there are like 6000 trolls out there?

  8. I have to disagree with your article too . . . “I would like to reach out to the misguided gamer’s who made those reviews and say that if you’re not happy with a certain game franchise, then simply don’t purchase it.” 
    Shot yourself in the foot there, and this is precisely why the user reviews are so bad compared to the critic reviews. . . . If you pay $60 or £42 for a game, and it fails to meet your expectations you have every right to be upset, especially if it’s a game you feel has been lazily designed etc.
    Although I think the 0 ratings are abit harsh, I think it’s more of a protest than an actual rating, alot of people are so unhappy with the game they’re giving it a 0 out of spite, I’ve wrote a review on there too n scored it a 6, however I think BF3 fan boys make up a small % of the comments but not enough, as someone else said here it’s mainly COD veterans that are disappointed 

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