No Kotaku, I Do Not "Hate" Call of Duty

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of and its staff]

It was brought to my attention on Twitter this afternoon, by fellow gamer @Skywarders, that an article was published on that I was featured in. “I’m in an article on Kotaku?!” Perplexed as to why I would be even mentioned on there, I went to check it out. Upon clicking the link I found an article entitled,  A Dozen Reasons To Hate Call of Duty Games, written by Brian Crecente. “Well, that’s odd,” I thought to myself. “Why would I be featured in an article about reasons to hate Call of Duty games?” And then, while proceeding to read the article, it hit me. This, kids, is the reason you should be careful with what you say and do on the internet! A simple reply I made to a Tweet Mr. Crecente sent out was what was featured in the article. Now, this isn’t really a big deal and this is definitely NOT a jab at Kotaku or the work done by Brian, but since it was brought to my attention, I’m here to set the record straight for my fans and followers on my thoughts of the Call of Duty series!

Let’s start from the beginning. Earlier today, Brian Crecente did indeed publish a Tweet about Call of Duty that I caught sight of.  My reply however, was not to any question as to why I hate Call of Duty games, but something almost entirely different. Hate is a strong word. The Tweet I replied to was this:

@crecenteb – It doesn’t bother me, but I sense that it bothers some people that Call of Duty is the video game industry’s biggest money maker.

My tweet was a direct reply to that statement, with no mention of hate in there. I was hoping that the tweet would be self-explanatory:

@_SimplyG – It only bothers me when it completely overshadows other titles released around the same time that are worth more attention, IMO.

I’m not into that fanboy/fan wars scene. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and that should be respected by all sides. Unfortunately, the vocal gaming community that we are all a part of isn’t so accepting. Some people like Battlefield 3, some people like Modern Warfare 3. Some people like both games, others do not like any of them! Now what would incite someone to try to convince someone else to accept their opinion as the one and only truth? I for one enjoy playing a little bit of everything. Did I buy Modern Warfare 3 this year? No. Was it because I do not like the game? No. It was because I’m broke and would like to spend my money on games that I personally would enjoy more. (If you would like to send me a copy or fund my gaming habits, I’ll gladly accept!) Will I play Modern Warfare 3? Yes. I already have and I will probably do so again when given the chance.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. The Call of Duty series is the industry’s biggest money maker for a reason. One obvious reason is the massive marketing campaign year after year that Activision along with companies like Microsoft put out for each release. But another important reason is because the series accomplished the amazing feat of making exciting shooters with social gaming at the forefront. Let’s face it, if you couldn’t play the CoD series with your friends and strangers around the world, it wouldn’t be as massive as it is today. Multiplayer is its backbone but the campaigns are not bad either, in fact – I’d go as far as saying they are almost always good albeit not without its faults. 6 million people wouldn’t purchase a game on day one just because of marketing. Rather, they expect great things from their purchase because of a proven record. For fans of FPS games, the CoD series offers a constant level of expected quality and features that have essentially redefined the genre.

I do not, “hate” Call of Duty. In fact, I was there at the start, playing the first in the series on PC and playing each new sequel thereafter. What’s more, I still play the series from time to time with friends. As noted in my tweet, my only real issue with the series is that a lot of great titles that release around the same time get completely overlooked by gamers and the gaming media worldwide as tons of focus is put on the latest and greatest installment of Activision’s heavyweight champion. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t guilty of that as well, just by creating this piece right now. Let’s be real, look at your buddy lists. How many of your friends are playing a Call of Duty game and will be playing that game for the next year until a new one comes out? How many of you are playing some of the other great releases that came out this month? How many of you thought about getting another game but because of this wonderful economy decided to go with one (CoD) over the others? It is completely fine with me that people enjoy Call of Duty, I do too from time to time. Gaming is about playing what you like, right? So if people like, or love the CoD series, play on! There’s no problem with that and I agree with the Kotaku staff when they say, it’s stupid to hate on Call of Duty.” It would be really awesome though if more of us could check out some other great titles, downloadable and retail, that are released around the same time if given the chance though.

So peeps, don’t get bent out of shape if you saw my tweet on Kotaku. I don’t hate Call of Duty, I don’t mind that it’s the #1 selling series in the industry, and I’m not trying to fuel any fanboy wars. GamerXChange is by no means “anti-CoD.” Check out our review on the game if you aren’t convinced. Sure, I wish that more games that other developers put hard work into could sell those type of numbers year in and year out but the reality is, this is a very competitive industry and not everyone will reign supreme. But I still think we should all do our part and support as many titles as our pocket and time allows us to, including those that get lost behind the pile of CoD games at your local GameStop. In the end, play what you want to play and what you enjoy playing, that’s what I do and that’s what matters!


3 Responses to “No Kotaku, I Do Not "Hate" Call of Duty”

  1. Sorry didn’t read any of the article, just couldn’t believe you wrote “my fans and followers”. I hope it was meant with Irony sir.

    • wow! now you just became his “FAN!”and his follower! just because you replied and me too!

    • Both Nugnugs and Khasdij are idiots. That’s what they are called on Twitter, which the article is speaking about.


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