5 Eerie Games To Give You The Creeps

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

Halloween has always been a favorite of mine, I enjoy scary movies, scary games and of course the candy isn’t bad either. Getting back on track with the games aspect, I’ve always enjoyed the eerie feeling of a great survival horror game. Even though I haven’t really been afraid of a video game in my life, I do enjoy the eerie feeling certain games give off. I remember back when I first played the original Resident Evil for the PlayStation and that was quite a lot of fun to sit around with and play with friends. We’d always play Resident Evil or Silent Hill, simply for the fun and scare factor. So here is a list of current generation games that can help put you into a great mood for Halloween. These are in no particular order.

1.Resident Evil 5
Although Resident Evil 5 isn’t as eerie as some of the older entries, it’s still a solid survival horror game. It’s hard to reinvent games like Resident Evil, but they did a great job fixing the controls and perfecting the graphics and physics engines. Resident Evil 5 looks great on Xbox 360 and PS3, plays well on both and is simply a lot of fun. What better way to get into the Halloween spirit then shooting up some zombies? grab a friend and play some co-op or even play online with people on Xbox Live or PSN. Anyway you look at it, Resident Evil 5 is definitely a game you want to fire up for Halloween.

2.Dead Space
This might be the closest game on the list that actually could scare people, the setting of the game is creepy and the game does a great job of putting you in situations to be frightened. The game itself reminds me a bit of the original Alien movie, it has a general dark look and feel, also things pop out at you when you least expect it. Stranded on a ship in outer-space is the perfect setting to be scared on Halloween. I might even boot this game up personally to get more in the spirit.

3.Alan Wake
Alan Wake is one of my personal favorites on this list, it’s not over the top or gory with the blood and guts, but it manages to be as eerie a game as you’ll find on the market today. Most of the navigation is done at night and what scarier situation then having shadows come at you at the dead of night? Sometimes you’ll frantically search for flashlights, batteries or other weapons in order to fight off wave after wave of shadowy enemies. The game itself offers a great story that helps you feel immersed in the game itself. The music in the game is what really sets this game apart however, as the score as well as the popular songs in the game are all perfectly done and play at just the right moment.

4.Fear 3
The Fear games have long been considered some of the scariest games on the market, I must admit they do put off quite an eerie vibe. Any game that makes you go through an asylum is one that is going to make a list of top Halloween game. This is another one of those darker style games where you never quite know what is going to happen next. There are also plenty of online modes to keep you busy all night long, better to play this game with friends however, unless you really want to get into the Halloween mood.

5.Condemned: Criminal Origins
Condemned Criminal Origins was a title that came out the same year as the Xbox 360, so it’s definitely a cheap game to pick up. What sets this game apart from some of the others on this list is the fact that you can go through the whole game with melee weapons. You wont find a ton of guns or ammo for guns, it does a great job of making you fight for every inch you take. Most of the time you have to resort to swinging pipes you pull off the wall or an ax that you find somewhere. You often find yourself attacked from behind by multiple enemies and with the very dim lighting that the game offers, it’s definitely one eerie game. Perfect if you are wanting to get into the Halloween spirit but are kind of cheap.

Well there you have it, a great list of eerie games that can definitely get you into the Halloween spirit. So turn out the lights, pop in a game and be taken back to a time when you could be scared by games. It’s really just good, clean fun.


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