Batman: Arkham City Bonuses, Deals, and DLC Round-Up

We are a day away from one of the most anticipated games of the year, Batman: Arkham City. Already the game is getting rave reviews and fans worldwide are itching to play.  But before you just run and grab your copy, here are all of the preorder bonuses and retail store bonuses you can get when picking up a copy of the game in North America.  (Please Note: Many of these are in-store or online only offers and while items are available. Offers are always subject to change without notice)


Best Buy

  • Get the Robin DLC 
  • Free Movie DownloadBatman: Under the Red Hood
  • 40% Extra Trade-In credit when trading in towards Arkham City
  • Save $20 when you buy a batarang controller with Arkahm City
  • Joker’s Carnival Challenge Map DLC
  •  Free Movie Download-  Batman: Gotham Knight
  • Batman Animated Series Suit DLC
  • 30% Extra Trade-In Credit when trading in towards Arkham City


  • Free The Dark Knight on Blu-ray or DVD when you buy Batman Arkham City.

Toys R Us

  • FREE Exclusive Batman Figure


  • Walmart exclusive special edition with free copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Ed.


  • Sinestero Corp Skin DLC in copies of the live action Green Lantern Blu-ray combo packs

Now I know that I didn’t list all of the DLC. There are some not available in all regions, like the Batman Beyond DLC which is not available in the U.S., yet. Chances are that most, if not all, DLC will be available at a later date for everyone to purchase. If we missed any, let us know! Shout it out in the comments below and we’ll add it in. Thanks!


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