Five Unappreciated Xbox 360 Games

We usually see a ton of lists, best game, worst game, best graphics, biggest letdowns and the list goes on and on. This list is about some Xbox 360 games that I feel are unappreciated pretty much as a whole. Now these games aren’t perfect, but then again I feel it’s rare to come across any game that has ever truly been perfect. That being said these games are solid, they may even be games that took a risk and weren’t received well because of those risks. Games in general are really hit or miss sometimes, and just because a game has a lot of press doesn’t mean it’s going to sell well or be a good game, also just because a game might have been in development a long time doesn’t mean it’ll be a better game for it. These are just some games that I personally like and sat down with and threw all of the criticism out the window. When you sit down with a game with an unbiased mind, you truly start to have fun and gain some different perspectives. The following games are in no particular order and I’m sure there are a ton of other games that could have made this list, so please sound off in the comments and let us know what games you think are unappreciated.

Halo ODST usually gets put in the letdown list, but I feel the game is anything but a letdown. Originally it was simply going to be an expansion pack, but after working on it more and more Bungie decided to make the game a full-fledged release at full price. Naturally people complained, but in all honesty you got a heck of a lot for the price, a great campaign that allowed up to four people to play cooperatively, a fantastic voice cast that featured people mostly from the cult hit television show Firefly, a great Firefight online mode and last and certainly not least, a second disk that had every Halo 3 map pack at the time. So you could enjoy Halo 3 online and have all of the maps, this was great for me because I didn’t want to purchase all of the DLC for Halo 3 and I really wanted to play the ODST campaign, so it was a win/win situation. The campaign was short, but it wasn’t Homefront short or anything like that, it took me around twelve hours to complete on the hardest setting, which is actually pretty good. I think the main people who like to list this game as a disappointment are people who haven’t actually played the game or just want to complain about price. Considering Halo ODST has to date sold around six million copies, I’d say there are plenty of people out there satisfied with Halo ODST, and I’m definitely one of them.

2.Too Human
Too Human is one of those games that gets looked down on because it was trapped in development hell for so long. Silicon Knights originally announced the game to be on the PlayStation way back in 1999 and then it was going to be a Gamecube game, that was before they signed a deal with Microsoft for a planned trilogy. Too Human was supposed to launch in 2006 around the holidays but again was delayed. It’s one of those types of things that can’t always be helped. When the game did actually release it received mostly average reviews and that is one of the reasons I avoided the game for a long time, I decided to pick it up a few months ago and it stayed in my back log for a while, then I busted it out and had a pretty darn good time with it. It was a great take on Norse mythology and I thought Baldur was a likable character. The game wasn’t without its flaws though, the death scene was too long and a bit over the top and it got annoying watching and waiting every time you died, but everything else about the game I thoroughly enjoyed. The controls took a bit to get used to, but I love the idea of a RPG/hack and slash hybrid. I do hope Silicon Knights gets to finish the trilogy as they have expressed recently, with a few tweaks it could be a killer app. Let’s not forget that there are a ton of games that don’t find their footing until the sequel.

3.Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts was a game that I actually did play when it came out, I never understood the general dislike for the game, I found it to be very entertaining and quite fun. Rare I think took a risk stepping away from the traditional platform style that Banjo-Kazooie games were known for and I feel like people didn’t give the game a fair shake because of that. Now days it seems that people always complain about developers rehashing games and slapping sequels out there to make a quick buck, without adding anything new or changing the game style, yet when a company like Rare does this with Banjo-Kazooie people tend to take offense and don’t even realize the innovation the series took with this title. Banjo-Kazooie to me has always been a bit like Shrek, kids can enjoy it but there are quite a few adult jokes and references that make it a fun game for everyone, mostly because kids wont get those particular jokes anyway. The game is still a platform game, but it mixes in racing elements as well as an element of the Lego type of games, where you go around getting parts and constructing various modes of transportation. The game didn’t do horribly, but I’m sure it didn’t do as well as Microsoft and Rare imagined and because of that we probably wont be seeing Banjo-Kazooie for a while.

4.Ninety-Nine Nights
Ninety-Nine Nights never seems to get any credit for being a solid game for the Xbox 360, most people view the Xbox 360 as a “shooter” console because it has a superior controller for shooters, but that doesn’t mean the box is devoid of solid titles that span all the genres of gaming. Ninety-Nine Nights is a simply stunning looking hack and slash game that is heavily reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors and Kingdom Under Fire, which is a good thing in my opinion, but the game went largely under the radar and didn’t sell very well, although it sold enough to warrant a sequel, it still didn’t get much attention for anything other than nice looking graphics. I guess the gameplay can get a bit repetitive, but every hack and slash game I’ve ever played gets that way after a while. I think they tried a bit too hard to appeal to the Western and Eastern gaming market and ended up not appealing to either. This game certainly has some flaws, but it’s worth playing if your into the genre.

5.Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade is a game that I actually really, really like. I remember being hyped about it when it was about to be released and I bought it new. Most people will try to compare it to Ninja Gaiden, which is understandable as both feature a ninja and some epic boss battles, but I actually found the gameplay, style and characters to be better in Ninja Blade as opposed to Ninja Gaiden 2, I thought the graphics were actually better as well. I’m not knocking Ninja Gaiden, I just liked the idea of playing as a more modern ninja in Ninja Blade. The moves and general mode were also something I really enjoyed in Ninja Blade, if I had to compare the game to another game, I’d say a cross between Shinobi and Resisdent Evil. As you take control of the protagonist you have to eliminate evil monsters that were the victim of a virus…sound familiar? The game plays out a bit like a B movie, but it’s all in good fun and it’s not short on action, graphics, boss fights or ninja action. Ninja Blade is definitely a little known game that is well worth the money and the play through if you get the chance.

Well there is my list, of course there are a lot of other games that I could have listed, even from various game consoles but I decided to stick with these five from the Xbox 360. Not every game is a AAA IP or something that gets a ton of advertisements. It’s a sad fact that quality games get left off our list of buys for many reasons, economy, fear of new IP’s, lack of money ect… Just because a game doesn’t set the world on fire with sales, doesn’t make it a bad game, same goes for a game that didn’t score well across the board, I mean we all have opinions and each one can be different, one thing we can all agree on is that we are all gamer’s who like to game, so don’t always be scared off by lower scores or lower sales.

Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]


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