PlayStation’s October 5th Reveal: Awesome Live Action Marketing

Remember our post last week about a teaser video that PlayStation set up? Of course you do. Well, after the whole gaming community went up in arms with speculations and theories about what PlayStation was going to reveal on today, October 5, 2011, PlayStation finally released the Long Live Play video named – “Michael.”



So, out go the theories of it being a video for PlayStation Home’s remodeling, the theories about a new PSN, cross game chat, and everything else. Interestingly enough though, we at GamerXChange did mention the outcome as a possibility when we said it might be ” Sony’s call for PlayStation gamers.” That is in fact what it had to do with.

The PlayStation Blog updated us with more info, explaining that this is a celebration of the gamers and fans of the PS brand and all it has to offer. Soon, TV spots will air with more people picked from that call for gamers.

The video itself is great, but I admit, I’m a little disappointed that it was just viral marketing for more marketing and nothing else that was actually revealed.

So, sound off in the comments below. What are your thoughts on the new Long Live Play video?

For more info, visit: PSBlog – PlayStation Celebrates You


One Response to “PlayStation’s October 5th Reveal: Awesome Live Action Marketing”

  1. It was a cool commercial, but I agree it was a bit disappointing. People were making some pretty wild assumptions to begin with.

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