A Case Of The Monday Blues – Xbox Live Goes Down

If you’re trying to connect to Xbox Live this morning/afternoon, you may run into some issues. A lot of people are not able to connect to service today and there seems to be little explanation as to why. With problems that other networks have had in recent history, it’s only natural for some to be a little nervous.

Xbox Support has acknowledged that they are aware of the situation through Twitter where they noted,

We are aware of the issues some users are having with Xbox LIVE and are actively investigating. Thanks for your patience ^JG
No news on what may be going on or any time frame for a resolution. Hang in there guys! We’ll have news and updates posted as soon as we get it.
Have you had any trouble connecting? Sound off in the comments below!
It didn’t take too long for Xbox services to resume again. Most subscribers should be able to connect to XBL and all of its services with little to no difficulty now.

One Response to “A Case Of The Monday Blues – Xbox Live Goes Down”

  1. I can connect, I just get an error code trying to download the Forza 4 demo. It was really slow to connect to XBL though. I suspect we are getting closer to the new XBL dashboard update, XBL tends to bog down a bit when they prepare these.

    I definitely don’t think hackers or anything like that are the reason.

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