New PlayStation Viral Video Teases An October 5th Reveal

PlayStation has just released a new teaser video for their Long Live Play campaign which points to something happening next week on October 5, 2011. Check it out below.

What could it be? Well, look closely, you can notice something from games of all kinds in the video. Twisted Metal, Resistance, Parappa the Rapper, Metal Gear, Little Big Planet, Final Fantasy, Ratchet and Clank, and more!

Also, at the very end look even closer. There seems to be a faint figure emerging from the background with the date. I don’t know about you, but it almost looks like God of War’s Kratos to me.  Any thoughts on who it might be?

Some are saying this may be a teaser for the PlayStation @ Home huge Fall udpate, Sony’s call for PlayStation gamers, or even a possible PlayStation Brawler. Whatever it turns out to be, all we can do is wait and see for sure. October 5th is the date to look out for the reveal!

Sound off in the comments for your ideas about what we can expect and analysis of the video! Stay tuned for all the big news as we bring it to you right here on GamerXChange!



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