Nyko Zoom For Kinect [Review]

One of the biggest complaints about Kinect when it launched last year was that you needed a lot of space to operate it properly. If you wanted to use Kinect for two players simultaneously, then you might need between ten and twelve feet of space between you and your television. Lately with some pretty nice titles released for Kinect, like Child Of Eden, Gunstringer and Rise Of Nightmares and with Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports Season 2 coming out later this year, a lot of people have shown interest in Kinect, but fear they lack the room to effectively use the device.

Nyko has helped fix all of these problems with the Nyko Zoom for Kinect. The Zoom is a clip on device that fits right over your Kinect and the device itself looks great, I was worried it might look odd being hooked on the top of my Kinect but it actually looks like it’s always belonged there. Zoom is lightweight and doesn’t hamper the Kinect in any way whatsoever. You should make sure your Xbox 360 and Kinect are turned off before you clip Zoom onto your Kinect. It takes literally three seconds to install, once it’s clipped on, turn your Xbox 360 and you’ll want to use the tuner to calibrate your settings.

The Nyko Zoom works through a series of lenses, sort of like those in a telescope. Essentially it reduces the distance you need for Kinect to work properly. I found that I could play Rise Of Nightmares a mere four feet away from my Kinect, which is mounted on the top of my HDTV. Zoom really shines when you want to play co-op games on Kinect. You only need around six feet of space for two player games with the Zoom attached.


The Zoom works as advertised, it has no drawbacks that I could see. Even the picture-taking ability that Kinect utilizes still works fine with the Zoom clipped on. I would definitely recommend this device for people who have limited space to use their Kinect, or for anyone interested in Kinect but previously thought they lacked the room to properly play one. If your living in an apartment or perhaps you are away at college and live in a dorm room, then the Nyko Zoom is exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you are just tired of rearranging your living room furniture? again, the Zoom is the perfect device to help with this problem. It works as advertised and I actually think Microsoft should team up with Nyko or perhaps with Madcatz and make something similar and then bundle it with the Kinect from the start.

The Nyko Zoom is really effective and it’s affordable at only $29.99. I know some people who bought a Kinect when they launched only to find out they lacked the room. Now with this product you don’t have to let your investment go to waste. Once again there are no drawbacks to the Zoom, it works as advertised, causes no issues and looks fantastic! I highly recommend it if you own a Kinect and have had space issues.



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