Call of Duty DLC – First on the 360 | Battlefield 3 DLC – First on the PS3

When Activision and Microsoft announced a while back that there would be an exclusive deal to bring all future Call of Duty DLC first to the 360, there were some unhappy PS3 and PC owners. For the most part, PS3 and PC owners have to wait an average of a month before they receive the latest DLC for Call of Duty games.

Well, don’t feel left out PS3 gamers, the competition over at EA and Sony have heard your pleadings and have collaborated to bring all DLC for Battlefield 3 first to the PS3 (Unfortunately PC gamers, it looks like you are left out again). In a post on the PlayStation Blog, DICE Jr. Product Manager, Tommy Rydling explained,

You’ll be happy to know that beginning with our first expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand (to be released later this year), all full-blown upcoming expansion packs for the game will appear one week early exclusively on PS3, brought to you by Sony!

So all DLC will hit the PS3 one week early. Okay, PS3 fanboys, that might not be as early as 360 gamers get Call of Duty DLC, but hey, it’s better than nothing. This is likely to insight some more flames in the console and FPS wars but at least 360 and PC gamers will not have to wait too long for the DLC to be released on their respective systems, just one week.

Battlefield 3 hits North American shelves on October 25th for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. An open beta will also begin starting September 29th. Stay tuned to GxC for more info as we get it!


One Response to “Call of Duty DLC – First on the 360 | Battlefield 3 DLC – First on the PS3”

  1. Well I am not planing on picking up Battlefield 3 this year anyway, but one week isn’t really good enough to sway me either way, even if I were going to buy the game. I guess it’s a McDonald’s or Burger King kind of choice. I still think PC owners have the edge as far as this game is concerned, that is if you have a $1000 setup.

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