A Batman Game Gets A “Sensual” Voice Option? Ooooh, my . . .

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OK, I call a spade, a spade: this sounds like the most “Huh?!” game concept since someone decided that the next WWE-licensed title should be a Twisted Metal-style combat racer.

However, I don’t think I stand alone in believing that more and more games could be vastly improved by bringing some sexy back with the option to make my character talk dirty to me.

The upcoming Gotham City Imposters will have players running about Gotham and taking down evil-doers and goody-goody vigilantes with the likes of assault rifles, shotguns, rocket-launchers and other gadgets, all wielded by what sounds like the pudgy, fail-bomb wannabe Dark Knights whose bad-ass hockey pad outfits the real Caped Crusader PWNS early in “The Dark Knight.” That, or an apparent member of The Joker’s crew.

(Once more, remember: somebody, somewhere, listened to this pitch and apparently said “Stop! Here, sir is your chicken dinner, because you are a winner-winner.”)

For as ridiculous as this sounds, the ESRB has decided they’ll make a stink over it. According to the good folks over at EuroGamer, things get pretty over-the-top in what the site describes as a “stylized” Gotham City. Apparently, the game includes impalement by arrows, being frozen and shattered by an ice gun, clearly “Beavis and Butt-head”-inspired character profile phrases like “Cuts the cheese” and my personal favorite, “I peed on it. It’s mine” and – words I never thought I’d type about a “Batman” game – a “sensual” voice option with phrases like “I hope you bats like it rough.”

As a result, we have a rarity: a “Batman” game that isn’t exactly all-ages appropriate. In fact, the ESRB has slapped it with a “Teen” rating that cites blood, comic mischief, language, mild suggestive themes and – of course – violence.

This just looks . . . iffy. A certain “camp” factor for Batman could be considered acceptable, given the place the 1960s TV series etched in so many minds (mine included) but camp and a pretty high raciness quotient? Yeah, that “Teen” rating starts look fitting, because functional adults quit finding a lot of what’s rumored for this game funny about the time they’re tossing college-graduation caps aloft.

What’s worse, though, is that its whole look and feel just makes the game come across like the keepers and advisers of Warner Bros.’ “Batman” rights heard about the pitch and just said, “Really? So this is, what, Duke Nukem with Batman’s iconography? Well . . . OK, if you really want to make it, but we’re keeping a safe distance from this thing’s potential stink.” The appeal in paying good money to play as Batman imposters versus what appear to be The Joker’s low-level thugs seems minimal, at best. One just must ask, why play this instead of the incredibly deep, high-replay value, expansive two games put forth by Rocksteady? I mean, couldn’t anything paid toward downloading this via the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade or PC when it arrives next year be just as well (if not more) well-spent toward some quality Arkham City DLC?

Really, developers and publishers, if you’re not going to try to put out the best possible game you can, why bother making what looks like a mediocre, half-assed shooter instead of putting those resources into what must be any number of better ideas you must have in the pipeline? (Crikey-fuck, I really hope this wasn’t the best project Monolith had cooking post-F.E.A.R. 3…)

And speaking of Monolith, that’s another question entirely: you just finished F.E.A.R. 3, an outstanding piece of dark, atmospheric horror. A jokey, toilet-humor FPS like this seems so . . . beneath you, in that wake. Why follow up a solid game like that with such a thin concept as “Fake-Batman battles Not-Jokers?”

Though there’s no official release date, Gotham City Imposters becomes available for download from PSN and XBLA sometime in 2012.


One Response to “A Batman Game Gets A “Sensual” Voice Option? Ooooh, my . . .”

  1. This game looked so, so bad to begin with…a FPS Batman dumbass/Juggalo game. Then it has to talk to you where you think you should be paying by the minute to play it?? I give videogames a lot of leeway; I’m pretty easy to please, but I think this game deserves this:


    That’s not saying that I’d turn it down if someone offered to let me play it. I’d play it…out of strictly morbid curiousity.

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