Modern Warfare 3 Should Drop The "Call Of Duty" Moniker


Note: [All opinions expressed herein are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of GamerXChange]

I think Call Of Duty tends to get a lot of hate on forums and gaming related sites lately. Some of it might be warranted, but I have come to the conclusion a lot of it is not. One thing that I’ve noticed more and more is the fact that while people on forums and gaming sites all claim to hate the Call Of Duty franchise and claim they wont purchase the next installment of the game, each new Call Of Duty that comes out ends up outselling the previous game. So either these people are lying or they are really a vast minority. I tend to think it’s a little of both, so many people have friends or family that buys Call Of Duty games that it only makes sense to pick it up and enjoy it with those people. One of the main complaints you’ll see from people is that they feel Call Of Duty is a milked franchise. I think the term “milked” is pretty relative when it comes to gaming, people use it as a device strictly to argue, but most of the time ignore the facts that there are games that they like which are actually far more milked by their own standards. I personally believe the Modern Warfare franchise should be relieved of the Call Of Duty moniker and hopefully this article will explain why I think that would be a good idea.

The name Call Of Duty to me is synonymous with World War II era first person shooter games. I was a bit surprised back in 2007 when Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare was unveiled, to my delight it was an amazing game that helped reinvent the FPS genre and start a phenomenon. I remember when Modern Warfare 2 was going to release and they did actually drop the “Call Of Duty” name from the title, then some people complained and I guess some were a bit confused and so they added it back to the title, although it was less prominent on the packaging. I thought it was a great idea at the time to drop Call Of Duty from the title, honestly the Modern Warfare games play so much differently then their World War II counterparts I think it deserved its own franchise.

I know that Call Of Duty has taken on a life of its own lately and each game has been a runaway success, I’m sure Activision realizes there is money in the name itself and would be reluctant at this time to make any changes to the Modern Warfare games, it might not even be that big of a deal to some people, but for me personally I think it would help put some things in perspective. In 2005 Infinity Ward released Call Of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360, it took place in World War II and was a pretty good game, but by that time people were growing tired of WWII settings, so Infinity Ward began crafting Modern Warfare. Had they abandoned the Call Of Duty moniker back then, the Modern Warfare series would have been a brand new IP this generation and would be looked upon totally differently right now.

Why would it be looked at differently now you may ask? well to start with, this November’s release of Modern Warfare 3 would be only the third title this generation for that series. It’s significant because in the argument that Call Of Duty is milked, most people don’t look at Modern Warfare as a different title then typical Call Of Duty games. There are a number of game franchises this generation that have released three games, just like Modern Warfare, but they aren’t generally looked at as being milked. I’m not sure why there is such a double standard when it comes to Call Of Duty, but think on this, we will see our fourth Assassins Creed, third Uncharted, third Gears Of War, third Saints Row and third Mass Effect title this generation. Yet most people wont consider or call any of those games milked. People see Call Of Duty and lump them together, it’s just something I refuse to do. Now I’m not saying Modern Warfare is of the quality of the other games I listed, as I was just giving some examples. However does the fact that were seeing our third Uncharted game since 2007 put things into a little better perspective? Both Uncharted and Modern Warfare started in 2007 and both Uncharted and Modern Warfare will see their third titles released this year. I think if we started looking at Modern Warfare as its own intellectual property then we’d see a bit more of a fair treatment for the franchise.

I even look at Call Of Duty games from Infinity Ward and Treyarch as different properties, even before Modern Warfare released. The Infinity Ward made Call Of Duty games just seem to play better and are quicker paced to me then the Treyarch Call Of Duty games. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy both for different reasons, but when you have different developers doing games I think the differences can get lost in the shuffle and part of the reason is that the names on both boxes read “Call Of Duty”. I might agree Call Of Duty was milked or overdone if it was the same developer every year, sort of how Ubisoft works Assassins Creed, or how EA Sports works all of their sports games each and every year. Once again I’m not saying those games are all bad, rather just using them for a proper comparison.

When I personally go to play Modern Warfare games, I say I’m going to play Modern Warfare or MW2, I never call either of them Call Of Duty. I don’t really know anyone who does. Usually if I’m playing with my clan mates we’ll say something like “Hey let’s hop on Modern Warfare 2 for a bit”. I’m almost positive I’m not the only person who thinks this way. Do you call it “Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2” ? or is it simply MW2? just as people will call it MW3. I know it might not seem like a big thing, but Modern Warfare 3 is what the game actually is, it’s not Call Of Duty 7. Modern Warfare should be its own IP and that’s just how I feel about it. Again I’m not saying Modern Warfare is perfect by any means, I’m just saying Activision could benefit from making a slight change like this. I highly doubt it would lose any potential buyers, and it might just draw in a few. Just a little something to ponder on as we wait for Modern Warfare 3 to release.


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