UK Gamers Get Low-Down On Robin DLC For “Batman: Arkham City”


Stateside gamers have known for a bit that pre-ordering Batman: Arkham City via local Best Buy locations gets them Robin as a playable character. Now, UK gamers know just how they can bring the Boy Wonder home. reports that UK players get Robin as a pre-order bonus when placing an order via Game and Gamestation stores. In addition to Batman’s famous sidekick – who will be playable in the game’s Challenge mode – those guaranteeing their copies on release day can also explore the Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape maps totally gratis.

It’s the latest in what looks to be a superb collection of DLC for the expansive sequel to what many hail as the greatest comic book-inspired video game of all time. Eurogamer previously confirmed that six Arkham City skins for the Caped Crusader – all to be later available for purchase and download – will be available as pre-order bonuses at various retailers. Those will range in style from Batman’s 1970s look (available with orders from in the UK or Toys-R-Us in the U.S.) or his “Batman: The Animated Series” design (available with purchase from MightyApe), to his design in “The Dark Knight Returns” (with the Collector’s Edition from any retailer), “Earth One” (again, from MightyApe) and even “Batman Beyond” (via or pre-orders.)

Meanwhile, the Boy Wonder’s red skin is available with pre-orders from Best Buy (in the U.S.), (in Holland) and JB Hi-Fi (in Australia.)

Last but certainly not least, UK gamers can nab the reportedly four-hour-long Joker’s Carnival Challenge Map with a pre-order from British supermarket giant Tesco.


For what it’s worth, this is how DLC should be done. It’s already a complete, massive, perfect-looking game that seems it will absolutely start-to-finish satisfying without pouring in another single iota of fan-service, replay value, unlockable content or story expansion. Meanwhile, the bonus content truly feels like just that: bonuses, not something without which the gaming experience feels shortened, slighted or just generally half-assed. I shouldn’t be nickel-and-dime in order to get the best possible experience after I’ve already forked over my $60 (or more, if I decide to go all-in on the Collector’s Edition.)

The tone of DLC should be, “It’s far from necessary. It’s an outstanding, complete game as is, and we held nothing back getting this ready for shelves. However, if you want a little cherry on top, we really think this is worth the money.”

Besides, I’m no pre-order hater. So the publisher wants to guarantee strong opening sales and make sure their game is a hit, and they’re willing to bribe me with free stuff that will cost me to get later otherwise? That’s just smart business. I can respect that. And these are some worthwhile-looking goodies.


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