Rumor: PS2 Games On PS Vita – God of War II Image Surfaces

For those of us who were not lucky enough to snag one of the first PS3s released, one of the biggest and most desired features that owners wanted on all of their PS3s was PS2 backwards compatibility (other than cross-game voice chat, but that’s another story). Unfortunately, we know that is not exactly going to happen. Instead, as an alternative we are graced with HD collections and remasters of games. Then January 2011 comes and the PlayStation Vita (then NGP) is unveiled. Since then we have seen a lot more – The device looks great! The games look amazing! The new functions are just what gamers wanted! But there is one more thing that would be nice, some say – A PS2 emulator of sorts.  Having the ability to play some of those classic games on the Vita would just be icing on the cake!

It has already been confirmed that all downloadable PSP titles and PSOne Classics will be playable on the Vita. Well, thanks to some new images that surfaced, it looks like more news may be on the way. These photos that were simply showing off the Vita OS seem to also suggest that PS2 titles may indeed be playable on the PS Vita as seen in the photo below. Here we can clearly see God of War II as a playable title on the Vita.

While the resolution is a little blurry, you can see that God of War II, right next to the Monster Hunter option, is available. How will PS2 games be made available on the Vita? A downloadable option via the PSN Store (like that of the HD collection for the PS3)? If that is the case, would we be able to use cross-platform save data, that Vita has touted, to play while on the go and on the PS3 when at home? Or will it be remasters on the new physical media card for the Vita? Only time will tell if indeed these options will be made available and what more the Vita has in store for us. For all we know, this may just be a mock-up error on the part of Sony.

One should note this is also featured in part of another image from SCEE as can be seen here:

So sound off in the comments below, do you think PS2 games will be made playable on the Vita? What PS2 games would you want to be able to play on the Vita? Would you buy them if they were released? Discuss!

[image via: Eurogamer]


17 Responses to “Rumor: PS2 Games On PS Vita – God of War II Image Surfaces”

  1. If PS2 games were to be released for the PS Vita it would be a assured buy for me and most of my friends. I would like to see games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy brought back to life. :)

    • Hell Yeah! definitely buy it. Vita can play ps3 game (well sort of if u understand what i mean), ps2 games if this true, ps1, and psp. i haven’t play psp game yet. that would be good

  2. pretty shure there is another I at the end so there is written God Of War III

    • Yeah, but the logo at the top of it is for GoWII – which makes me think maybe it’s just a placeholder image someone at Sony chucked together?

    • You can see the two roman numerals in the background in the little circular icon above the title, so definitely GoW II.

  3. I really hope the psv can play ps2 games… that’d be incredible

  4. god ofr war 2 is already playable on psn, collections is on psn, not surprising and not ps2

  5. If we could play ps2 games on vita, the Prince Of Persia trilogy would be the first games i buy :D 

  6. me gustaria jugar final fantasy xii en la ps vita c:

  7. si ps vita es capas de procesar juegos de ps3, como no podría procesar juegos de ps2?

    aunque el tema de los botones en el ps2 se ocupa L2 Y R2 , L3 Y R3 
    y la ps vita solo tiene L1 Y L2 y también es touch, al ser touch podrían sacarle provecho de eso y transformar los juegos de ps2 y sus comandos como lo hicieron con los juegos de psx para psp. colocaron el análogo como el botón L2 Y R2  
    y porque no podrían hacer algo así mismo para ps vita?  

  8. omg put gta san andreas on the vita i would buy it for atleat 20dbo or 30 dollars

  9. if this is the case i would be the happiest person ever, i would love to play the sands of time trilogy on the go, especially the first one!!!!!!!!! (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time)

  10. if the vita can play ps2 games, thers no excuse why the ps3 slim can’t since its more powerful

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