New God of War Title On Its Way? [rumor]

Of course this is PURE speculation, but recent job postings on the official PlayStation Careers site may hint to what is to come. There have been several job listings for Santa Monica studios, the team known mostly for its creation of the God of War series. The job listings include the following positions:

  • Senior Tools/Technology Programmer (God of War Team)
  • Senior Online Programmer (God of War Team)
  • Senior Graphics/ Technology Programmer (God of War Team)
  • Senior Gameplay/Generalist Programmer (God of War Team)

Here is a screen cap just for a little proofing:

Note each title did say “God of War Team.” Could this mean another sequel on its way for the highly popular God of War series? *spoiler* The ending of the PS3 exclusive God of War III led many gamers to speculate that another title was on its way due to Kratos’ death and then his body vanishing.*spoiler end* PSP owners did get God of War: Ghost of Sparta in the Fall of 2010, however this title was a prequel to the series. So questions still remained unanswered. Or, could this be a whole new direction for the God of War series taking on possibly a completely new storyline with new characters from a separate mythos?

No doubt, God of War is not the only title that Santa Monica studios is known for. They also created the highly addictive Fat Princess games on the PSN, Warhawk (in collaboration with Incognito Entertainment), and flow (in collaboration with ThatGameCompany) to name a few. On that same note, could this finally be a sequel to the PS3 staple Warhawk? Fans have been calling for “Starhawk” and devs have hinted in the past that it could very well be on its way.  Could this be another title? Possibly a new IP? With the new NGP announced, could this be a God of War NGP project? Or are they just getting more members for a big office party and we just wrote this article for nothing? Only time will tell. Keep it posted for more info!

So guys, sound off: What do you think these job postings are for? God of War, Starhawk, something else or nothing at all? Tell us in your comments below.

If you would like to apply for any of those positions once again here is the link! (Just remember where you heard about the positions when we want some info =p) : PlayStation Careers


15 Responses to “New God of War Title On Its Way? [rumor]”

  1. people should stop looking at job titles and speculating as if it’s a sequel devs are making:/

  2. They are at work on a new ip, is known for a long time.
    They are looking for staff.

    Sorry for my english

  3. But the games are their work

  4. flow is afaik from thatgamecompany

  5. New GoW for PSP2 certainly!!

  6. I wouldn’t be too surprised, this series is just like Call of Duty, with 1 new release every year if you pay some attention. SInce it’s debut on the PS2, we’ve had:
    – 2 PS2 games;
    – 2 PSP games;
    – 1 PS3 game;
    – 1 PS3 HD collection.

    6 releases in 6 years so it makes sense they milk it some more…

  7. considering uncharted 3 is otw and most other franchises are spewing out sequels already, about time another GoW ps3 was underway.

  8. it is in development for the NGP most likely good news since i am getting it.

  9. CloudStrife you idiot, the HD Collection isn’t actually an iteration of the God of War series, it was a re-release.


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